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Part 2; Okay Just Shut Up and Die Why Don’t You!

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( But Don’t Let the Title Fool You

 I am not in denial of growing older. I accept the fact that yes one day I will be 90 years old God willing. If I’m healthy with my own faculties then living to the age of 90 would be wonderful.

Am I fighting the aging process? Yes I am. I am striving at eating healthier, even though I stumble. I am working out more and listening to my body. When it tells me “I hate you right now because you are doing me wrong,” I take heed and listen up.African American woman smiling

I don’t have a problem turning 50 and growing older. But growing older does not equate to falling apart and settling for it. Because if I hear one more person tell me that I’m old I think I’m going to scream.

 There are people in their 70s that get around better than some folks in their 20s and 30s, let alone their 40s and 50s.  As a matter of fact one person comes to mind. Her name is Ernestine Shepherd and some of you may have heard of her. At 75 she is the oldest, female bodybuilder alive. Did you catch the number 75? Yes I said 75 years old and she looks fantastic.

 If you don’t know her story, check this out.

Ernestine Shepherd is the Guinness World Records’ oldest female bodybuilder. Less than 20 years ago, she was a pudgy, middle-aged woman who hated what she saw in the dressing room mirror. ABC NEWS

I was too prissy to exercise,” she said. “I just didn’t want to have my hair messed up. Didn’t want my fingernails broken.”

That all changed when Shepherd decided her health trumped all and hit the gym. She started out slow. Her rippling muscles didn’t appear overnight. Shepherd started with a simple aerobics class. This eventually led to lifting weights, running and even marathons and of course competitive body building.

Shepherd doesn’t overdo it. “I have old things in my body,” she said. See she even admits that aging has its limits, but that hasn’t stopped her.  However, Shepherd wants other people, especially those who are older, to know it’s not too late to get healthy. So I wonder how she responds when others call her old. Hmm I’m just wondering.

So now maybe those of you that know me can now understand why I hate being called old.

Editor-at-Large; Eleanie Campbell
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