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Part 2: What Women Want…

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( So, it has come to this?  In the state of North Dakota,  lawmakers have completed an action to outlaw almost all abortions and voted to define life as beginning at conception.  USA today have reported that, “The Republican-dominated House also approved a so-called personhood amendment that asks voters to change the state’s constitution to recognize and protect “the inalienable right to life of every human being at any stage of development.”

Besides conferring human rights on fertilized eggs and outlawing abortion, the proposition, which will be on the November 2014 ballot, could potentially affect end-of-life decisions for adults.””  And to that I say, why stop there?  Let’s push women’s right to the way it used to be in the 18th century – where women were promised to men without her say, and have to present herSmiling African American woman Dowry  to her betrothed .   

Ever since the last election I have had this eery feeling of deja vu.  The idea that a woman’s personal freedom of what goes in and out of her body is something for our government to decide on is not only a violation of  our 14th Amendment  constitutional right, (one of the amendment cited in the ruling of Roe v. Wade )  it’s also a blatant disregard for a woman’s privacy.  Clearly this law is in violation of life and liberty.  A women’s life could be in danger from a botch abortion from an unwanted pregnancy, or worse bringing a baby to term only to abandon the baby for lack of resources. 

The latter is very common among young girls who are pregnant, and dreading the responsibilities of raising a child.  Don’t take my word for it, you have only to look at Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s  latest ‘Truth-telling on teen pregnancy campaign.  Although, I don’t agree with the images that were portrayed in this campaign,  because it is distasteful, and stereotypical, however it should be seen as a cautionary tale.   

I mean, when is it appropriate to take a  stand and say NO?  No you will not take away my rights. No you will not determine my fate . No you will not tell me what to do with my private body.  And no it’s wrong for you to interfere with a private, gut wrenching, and very difficult matter.  As a mother of three I’am very aware of the meaning of life, and I can tell you it does not begin at conception as many would have you believe .

Yes I believe life begins, but I don’t’ believe anyone knows exactly when, and to attack a woman’s rights on a whim or a misconception is appalling on every level.  Let’s be clear, whether you are pro-choice or pro-life,  yours or my personal belief or view has nothing to do with someone’s else. 

Finally, no one should be told what to do with their bodies. Personally speaking, until you can walk a mile in my shoes and see how strong I’am you should keep your paws off my uterus, because I am perfectly capable of deciding what I believe is best for me.

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Staff Writer; Kency Desmangles

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2 Responses to “Part 2: What Women Want…”
  1. Marque Anthony says:

    Listen to this Queen who is awake, alert, aware, sincere, honorable and honest. A woman who has the power to look in the mirror is a powerful woman.

  2. Marque Anthony says:

    THE NUMBER ONE KILLER OF AFRICAN AMERICANS IN THIS COUNTRY IS ABORTION – the killing of innocent unborn children by irresponsible mothers who could not keep their legs closed and sorry little boys who push that because they are not real men. Its not enough that African American men are deceived into thinking we are black when we are brown and black is the color of your car tires.

    Its not enough that brothers are emasculated, gay, confused about their gender or wearing dresses like punked Tyler Perry, punked Jamie Foxx, Will Smith, Cris Rock and Terry Kruse. Its not enough that too many of our brothers have no sense of identity and are incarcerated like cattle. Its not enough that black on black crime is killing more of our people than the police ever have – and faster.

    THE NUMBER ONE KILLER OF AFRICAN AMERICANS IN THIS COUNTRY IS ABORTION and sense it was legalized, it has killed more African Americans than Cancer, AIDS, crime, car accidents and police officers combined. WAKE UP. If “black lives matter”, then it should matter that it’s a BABY, not simply a choice.

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