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Meet the Ladies of Alpha Pi Zeta Sorority, Inc.

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( The Cultural Weekly got a chance to meet up with Dee Moore, a fashion designer and business owner in Houston, Texas this past week. The charismatic and always fashionable African American sister informed the paper about her role in Alpha Pi Zeta Sorority, Inc.

The plus-sized women’s sorority will be hosting various activities this spring and are open to women that are interested in becoming members.  The President of the National Organization is Catherine M. Williams and the Vice-President is Denetra Pate-Joseph.

 I was eager to see what they hype was all about the sorority; they are very popular on Facebook and Twitter! Once you read this interview, you will want to either join or support their cause. These women have it going on!

How did this organization come about in the community and what was the process of getting it to be recognized as a national sorority?

Catherine (N.P.): The sorority came about from the need to create an organization of “true” sisterhood that didn’t make women that didn’t have college degrees feel ostracized from membership in other sororities

How many members are currently registered with your organization?

Catherine (N.P.): There are currently 11 active members in the Houston Alpha Pi Zeta Sorority, Inc.

How is the Houston Chapter of Alpha Pi Zeta Sorority, Inc – engaging in the community by reinforcing community awareness about plus-women and their achievements?

Catherine (N.P.): The sorority held the annual, ‘21 Day Challenge Discovering the Q.U.E.E.N. Event,’ this past fall. The 21 Life Changing Affirmations led each participant into discovering the true essence of being a Q.U.E.E.N.

For 21 days, we unveiled various statements and discussed how each statement could be incorporated into our everyday lives. This challenge will be occur again this fall.

Also if women are interested in joining our organization or participating insmall an activity they can meet up with us at The Beta Zeta Chapter located in Houston, TX… We will be attending the Sumptuous Plus Fashion and Health Expo II held on April 27, 2013. This event will be held at the Genesis Church.

What is a plus sized-woman?

DENETRA (N.V.P.): Plus Size not only defines our physical characteristics, but the size of our hearts, our determination and our passion for improvements in our communities. So, if a woman wears a size 0 or 24 and has a big heart, determination and passion for improvements in her community, she is welcomed into our sisterhood.

Elaborate on some issues concerning plus-sized women in the media today?

DENETRA (N.V.P.):  One issue that comes to mind is that plus-sized women are lazy.  We are proving them wrong daily. This is why we are adamant about our community service.  We not only give financially but we work physically.  A second issue is that plus-sized women are overlooked in the workplace for positions. We are intelligent beings and our physical sizes should not dictate our elevation in the workplace.  This is why we push and encourage our sisters to further their education which is one of our pillars of success.  

Do you advocate for women to be healthy and lose weight in your organization?

DENETRA (N.V.P.):  Being a plus-sized woman not only defines our physical makeup, but the size of our hearts, our determination and our passion for improvements in our communities is the staple that sets us apart from the rest. So, if a woman wears a size 0 or 24 and has a big heart, determination and passion for improvements in her community… She is welcomed into our sisterhood with open arms.

What are some of the activities that women can expect to be a part of with APZS, Inc.?

DENETRA (N.V.P.) – Alpha Pi Zeta Q.U.E.EN.S participate in many community service projects including walks (i.e., breast cancer, autism), volunteering at local churches, nonprofits, and schools. The larger the local chapters get, the more sorority activities we will schedule and participate in.

Is there an initiation process to join the group?

Dee: Yes there is a process to join the Alpha Pi Zeta Sorority.

Step One: Come out to one of our Meet & Greet Sessions to obtain information about who we are and what we stand for in our organization.

Step Two: Submit an application either online or to one of our members with a $50.00 application fee. The $50.00 fee is for the required background check (we do volunteer with the elderly and children and this is a requirement for membership).

The application can be found on our website at

Step Three: Applicants will be chosen to complete three interviews with various members of the organization. 

Step Four:  If the applicant is accepted, an email will be sent out to that individual with instructions on what will happen next and what to expect.

 Step Five: Successfully complete the Pledge Academy, which last 10 weeks.

Where are interest meetings held and when? Is there a fee?

Dee: Interest meetings are held usually a month before a new line starts. Dates, time and locations are chosen by the individual chapters.  Currently the Beta Zeta Chapter located in Houston, TX is hosting a Meet & Greet, March 23rd, 2013 from 8:30-9:30 at the OUT BACK STEAK HOUSE, located at 8731 West Loop South 610, Houston, Texas 77096.

What magazine’s do you suggest women read that consider themselves plus-sized?

Dee or

Do you have a Facebook and Twitter presence? Could you please provide the audience with that information (and all of the contact info that you want them to have)?

Alpha Pi Zeta Sorority, Inc. Administration: Catherine M Williams- National President, Denetra Pate-Joseph- National Vice President, Dee Moore – National Recruitment Chair

Visit our National Website

National Facebook Page:

Beta Zeta Chapter (Houston) Facebook Page:

Define Alpha Pi Zeta Sorority, Inc. in six words?

Catherine (N.P.): Qualified Unique Exquisite Exceptional Nurturing Sassy

Thank you ladies for taking the time to meet with The Cultural Weekly for this virtual interview.

Staff Writer; kYmberly Keeton

Writer @ Large The Cultural Weekly




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  1. Denetra says:

    I love Alpha Pi Zeta Sorority Inc.

  2. Dee Moore says:

    A PI Zee!

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