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Yes, Sneaky Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Wants You Back.

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( Yes, you ended your relationship with him, and now you’re suspecting that he wants you back. You’re not sure that he does, but he acts like he do. You want to know for certain if he really wants you back in his life. Here are some great tips to know if your boyfriend wants a relationship with you again.

1. He always answers your calls: One thing that is hard to get most men to do is answer the phone. When you’re completely available to him your phone calls aren’t important enough to answer at the time. However, if he answers every single time you call him this is a sure sign that he wants you. Why is this a sign? This is a sign of his interest, because he wants you to know that he’s making himself available to you. Literally, he is at your beckon call. The more time he can spend communicating with you the more opportunities he has toCouple sitting in armchair convince you to take him back.

2. He’s more giving with his money: All of sudden you can get anything from him. You call and tell him that you need money, and he’s ready to give it freely. Sometimes, he’ll even ask if you need money. When the two of you were together you couldn’t get the lint out of his pocket. Now, he’s the most free-hearted person on earth. He’s doing this to show that he’s ready to give to you. Since men and women both value money this is his way of letting you know that he wants you back.

3. He actually listens to you: Yes, he actually is listening to you conversate. He can repeat what you say. He’s actually participating in the conversation. The conversation goes back and forth between the two of you. If he’s actually listening to you talk, and making an effort to understand he wants you to know that he wants you back. He knows that this is important to you, and he wants you to see that he’s making the effort to pay attention to you. He wants you to know that what you have to say is important to him.

4. He keeps hinting: He doesn’t waste any chance to throw in statements about you and him being together. Statements that relate to the two of you being together in a relationship. If he’s constantly throwing out hints about a partnership then he’s definitely telling you that he wants to get back with you.

5. You see more than usual: The two of you aren’t together. Yet, you see him more now than when the two of you were together. If you’re constantly running into your mate, or if he’s coming over more often then he is definitely trying to spend time with you. He’s trying to get you comfortable about being in a relationship with him again.By spending as much time with you as he possibly can he’s hoping that you’ll soften up to the idea.

These are the signs that your ex boyfriend is trying to get back with you. However, if the problems that broke you two up aren’t resolved before reconciliation then it won’t take long before you’re broken up again. So, if you’re considering getting back with your ex make sure that the two of you resolve those issues that destroyed your relationship. Do this to make sure that this time will be better than the last.

Written By Zandra R. Moore
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