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Five Reasons Why He Lies to You!

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( Trust and truth go hand in hand. Without the truth you can’t develop trust with someone. Trust is the strongest foundation of any relationship. So the fact that most men willingly lie to the women they love is still a perplexing issue. The fact is men lie. They lie to you. They about you. They tell lies on you. What’s a girl to do? Here are five of the most common reasons why men lie to their women.

1. To Get Sex:

The most common reason why men lie to women is to get sex. Most men have Husband and wife smiling at each othermastered the fine art of manipulating the truth in order to get women in bed. It kind of makes you wonder just how horny most men would actually be without the lies.

2. Avoidance:

The second most common reason that men tell lies is to avoid arguments, hurt feelings, or responsibilities. Some men think that it’s perfectly fine to fib if it leads to avoiding a negative outcome. Is it really that hard to just step up?

3. Justification:

Men lie to justify actions and decisions they have made. Even if they’re have been proven wrong on all accounts. Their egos just won’t let them defer to the truth. Some men think that it’s better to continue on with the lie even though they’ve lost their case on all fronts. It’s kind of immature to continue lying when you’ve been busted, but they do so anyway.

4. They think your stupid:

Men lie to women because they think you’re stupid. Yes, this is the truth. The dumber he thinks you are the more likely it is he’ll lie to you. It doesn’t matter that he loves you. If he thinks that your inept enough for him to get away with the lie then that’s what he’ll do. So much for intergrety.

5. Insecurity:

The final reason why men lie is because they’re insecure. Insecurity has a lot to do with the lies that men tell. The more insecure he is the more likely it is that he will lie to you.

The fact is that women will never know the real reasons why men lie. It seems to be just the way it is in this day and age. However, the only person that explain to you why men lie is a man. There are many reasons why men decide to fudge the truth. Sometimes men are just too afraid to tell you what it is that they want you to know.
Written By Zandra R. Moore

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