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Meghan McCain Reminds Me of the Privilege of White Women.

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We have to deal with Meghan McCain on our TV because she’s an entitled white girl that is standing on her dad’s legacy and some sort of validation of her voice not realizing she needs a voice of her own. Until she figures out how to have an adult conversation without throwing her privilege, I think she should refrain from speaking…though we know that’s not happening. The thing is Meghan McCain is the kind of political voice that reminds me a white woman is not my ally, and in many instances we could never explain to her why she’s a part of the political problem.

It’s Not Your Job To Educate White People About Race – Easy Responses.

Tweet ( If you’re black and you spend any amount of time around white people, whether in your friendship/social circle, at church, or even at work, you’ve probably been asked to explain or clarify things to them at some point. You might not think much of this, and if you want to give them your […]

Can I trust Women With My Political Views.

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Black women must consider the idea that we can trust each other with our political positions, and concerns. We have great voting power, and instead of trying to appeal to white women that our concerns are just as important as them, and in some cases the urgency is greater. We must assume that we can not trust white women, as a whole, to stand with us as we fight the establishment. In many ways they are not out ally, politics is not excluded.

Who’s canceled next.

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So why? Why do we have so many attempts and campaigns to cancel people for how their choices? How do we know what should really be boycotted and what is just something is different from how we believe?  Unfortunately, the answer to these questions is held back by the fact that we as a society do not have a set list or guidelines of what is considered morally correct anymore. Yes, we are a country of beautiful people that are different shapes, sizes, and beliefs.  As those differences infiltrate our culture, it dilutes what is considered to be the American Idea of what is considered correct or standard.  Until we get back to a point of listening to each other and developing what our code of ethics and morals are for all, no one has the right and reason to cancel anything.

4 Agribusiness Careers That Are Worth Considering.

Tweet ( The agribusiness sector has been intertwined with the fortunes of rural America for some time, since even before the word was coined in 1957, and it dominates discussions of the national economy to this day. These facts are unlikely to change any time soon, either, with Presidents and primary candidates never shy to […]

The Overgeneralization Defect.

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We are also not being rational. Rationality is necessary in this day and age of social media and information at our fingertips. Once you deal with your emotions of the horrible act that has happened in whatever situation you are in,  remember that one does not represent everyone. There are still some people in this world that have great intentions, and they need your understanding in order to make a difference in this world. 

The Hardest Black Conversation.

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They also practiced empathy toward each other.  To this day, I am still friends with these people.  These people also give me hope that one day the hardest black conversation can happen without judgement and without fear.

Desensitized Until Forced to Feel.

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Even if it’s your neighbor, thought it’s not a relative, it’s too close to home. In this space you hope others in this country will stand with you in the pain that has darkened your doorstep. This is in part why we can’t allow the numbness to take over. In that space the evil leading us wins, and we continue to lose members of a much larger community…that of humanity.

“Don’t Put That on Jesus”: The Wrongful Justification of Hatred with Christianity.

Instead, use your Christian beliefs as valuable and solid evidence to your argument or opinion.  If you cannot do so, leave Christianity out of your problematic perspective. It already has enough on its plate.

Its Sad Abortion Isn’t About Babies.

We must continue to raise our voice against this lack of regard for the life of a woman, and a child for that matter. Just as there are women standing against us it is very important to remember every man is not the enemy. We must gather with those that believe we, as women, have the right to choose motherhood, and decide if we want to risk our life for it. A woman’s body should not be a pawn in a political game, nor the game of furthering the white race.

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