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Facilitate Your Child’s Academic Progress.

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( Many of us send our children to school to get an education. For the most part, we entrust their education to the school system. Granted we know History is the one subject we will need to teach ourselves if we want our children to have a balanced understanding of who they are, and the truth about America. However, if we are transparent for a moment, in a no judgement zone, many of us are working, trying to raise our children to be the best they can be, and doing all this while trying to manage one’s own wellness. This is a daunting task for any parent. In many cases we are trying to make sure homework is completed (and turned in), school clothes are intact, supplies are accessible, behavior in school is on point, and the grades on the report card reflect progress and excellence. However, many of us are not facilitating the academic progress of our children. In the hustle and bustle of life the details of their academic progress and retention are often missed. There is more to this then simply regurgitating information to pass tests…too many of our children have a negative relationship to learning. Far too often doing well in school is seen as a way to maintain peace with one’s parents verses an enrichment that will last a lifetime.

Covid-19 found us in uncharted territory when schools closed, and our children were forced to virtual learning spaces. Some students were still able to receive instruction from their teachers while on the computer, however there were others that did not see a single class period of instructional time from a teacher. They were assigned work, and the parents had to facilitate the learning process…they literally had to teach their children. A pandemic showed many of us the raw stated of our child’s academic progress. IF our children were behavior problems, or had trouble paying attention the parents say it. If you had a child that was prone to not turning in work… or would prefer to daydream you saw it. However, if a teacher didn’t care you saw it. If the teacher was not invested in the academic development of your child, you saw it. If the instruction was simply inadequate your saw it. The state of their learning was in our faces as we were all forced to be at home. The world had stopped, and parents had to reckon with what was, or was not, happening regarding the education of their child(ren).

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I admit I was the parent at home with a 1st grader and an infant. My son was in a school district whereby work was provided for the student, but the instruction had to come from the parent solely. My son didn’t receive instructional time from his teacher. I this moment my husband and I could become frustrated and try to fight about the matter with the mind that we are not educators, which was one truth. The other option was to take the reins of our child’s education and get him through 1st grade in a manner that would set his expectation of learning and foster a positive relationship with learning that would follow him academically.  The reality is this, no teacher would know our son better than us. It was time to roll up our sleeves, pray, and learn from the ancestors. We needed to teach our baby. My son finished the 1st grade having received straight A’s all year long. He worked hard for every point and grade he received, and now we know what kind of work he’s capable of doing.

I will never say this is easy, but as parents we can’t leave any part of our children’s education solely in the hands of the school. We need to know their strengths and weaknesses. We have to introduce them to the joy and benefits of continual learning…while teaching them that education is not just in a classroom it’s everywhere around them. The standard for academic excellence should be set by the parents and re-enforced in schools. When we, as parents, are facilitating the academic progress of our children we are working with teachers and administration to make sure our children are getting the best possible education, and learning experience. This very hands-on approach will foster their love of learning while revitalizing such in the parents, hence strengthening the family.

It will also help improve behavior at school, if necessary, in part because your child knows you are paying attention to their academic progress and their ability to strive in this area is important to you. They’ll feel and see the love. Your children will know without a doubt they have an advocate in you, and they are not alone on this learning adventure. The school will also know your child is not alone…and you are paying close attention to them. I’m not saying this is easy. I admit this academic year was hard on me directly, but seeing my son thrive was the most rewarding gift. His excitement when he got it right, understood, and received his grades was priceless; it was worth the blood sweat and tears. Though my son will return to the classroom in the fall I will continue to facilitate his progress. I will continue to be hands on; I will never simply trust the school to get my child where he needs to be. I urge all parents to take the academic journey with your child(ren) up close. Walk with them.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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