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Unemployment is a Harsh Catch-22.

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( Many of us are still dealing with the effects of unemployment due to the Pandemic. The bottom line is this hit women extremely hard as we not only have to navigate employment, but in many cases, we must also deal with childcare. Yes, the stimulus checks helped some that could receive them, but so many of us were behind on bills and just trying to survive on bear minimums. Some sistahs lost everything, had to move in with relatives, live in shelters, or were forced to the streets with their children. In some cases, there were those that stayed in toxic relationships with significant others simply to keep a roof over one’s head, and that of the children. Many of us are mentally exhausted from having to constantly think about how to make it through the next month. Sometimes turning on the news, or reading it on social media, can become a source of anxiety as you sit back and watch those with more than enough make selfish decisions that affect your life. Politician in Washington, state capitols, and City Hall can feed their children and they aren’t living in fear of eviction. The children for some women have been the ultimate catch-22.

The pandemic allowed many of us to spend time with our children that we normally would not get. For some the children became a source of sanity as we gathered joy and hope as we watched their resilience in navigating life. Those that have small children experienced those babies’ milestones that might have been missed while you were working. You actually work up to your kids and were home when it was time for bed. Many moms were able to establish a routine that was healthy for their children and seeing one’s kids thriving is a source of fulfillment and peace. Many wish these cherished spaces could fix everything, but that isn’t reality. Though many cherish this time with their children they are threatened with a reality that could uproot said peace.


Some Republican led states are cutting the federal unemployment supplements that are helping keep many families afloat. This is happening as business owners cry out that no one wants to come to work because they are able t just sit at home and collect unemployment. What many of these business owners don’t realize is they are unfair to workers. They don’t pay a living wage, many don’t want to offer benefits, but they want you to run back to them, in some cases, to receive less than what you are getting now. Basically, you are barely getting by, going back to work means you will sink.

Many women are being forced to consider sinking because greed seems to rule everything. Some women live in cities and towns whereby childcare is still hard to find. Some childcare facilities have not reopened. Furthermore, it’s not as if the virus has disappeared, so we must still be careful and mindful of our children. This country has not bounced back economically, and it is time employers are honest about the job market. The minimum wage really does need to be raised as too many of us were forced to give our life over to jobs that didn’t over a living wage. Too many of us are sitting back trying to keep one’s mental health intact as we try to decide how to prepare our children for school starting in a couple of months. If you can barely do the basics how will you provide uniforms, and school supplies for your children? The more you think over the matter the deeper the rabbit hole goes, and there doesn’t seem like there is a doable fix in site.

The mounting pressure of trying to survive sometimes feels like it can be consuming enough to block out the purest light, but that’s where children are a saving grace. Even when we don’t know what to do…children can inspire the best in us. They make us want to strive harder, create from nothing, and find a way to beat the odds for no other reason than our babies deserve every opportunity possible. This time during the pandemic, and dealing with unemployment has been hard for many…but many have a source of hope that should not be disregarded. If you have had an opportunity to pour into your children and allow them to pour into you during this time let that fuel you. As you continue to seek resources, employment, stable living situations, and rest know that your children are still the best part of you. Even when you feel you might not be the best…to them you are a superhero. They love you and are with you no matter what happens in this country. As a community we’ll find a way get through this craziness…and our children are the light and sanity.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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