Sunday, August 20, 2017

Put Your Foot Down! Simple Ways To Reduce Your Personal Carbon Footprint.

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Tweet ( Have you thought about your choices in life that will impact the generations that follow? A lot of us are well within our rights to think that we don’t necessarily need to deal with these issues just yet as we are young. But the fact is there are certain lifestyle choices that we all […]

How To Save Money On Medical Care.

Tweet ( Everyone should be entitled to medical treatment regardless of how much money they have in their pocket. Whilst medical treatment can often be expensive, there are many ways of bringing down the price. Here are a few ways to lower your medical bills. Shop around for health insurance deals Everyone should aim to have […]

Execution over Excuses.

Tweet ( Many of us can relate to the practice of doing entirely too much talking, and not enough working. We can also agree that procrastination is detrimental. Thinking about the time you’ve wasted on reaching your goal can be very disheartening. It’s like “Wow I really let valuable time pass by.” What were you doing […]

Relationship Talk: Surviving The Ups & Downs Of Moving In Together.

Tweet ( There comes a point in a relationship where you’re both ready for the next step. You have been seeing one another for awhile. Everything is going well. The feelings of love have intensified. You realize you’re spending more time at one another’s homes. It’s pretty clear that you’re both ready for the next phase […]

Marry for the Right Reason.

Tweet ( Age nor pressure is a good reason to get married…not even for those that deeply desire marriage. It seems that once we hit 30 a combination of our “biological clock” ticking, and the stigma that something must be wrong with us tend to make some feel that we must find Mr. Right like yesterday. […]

Increases in Crime and Their Economic Effect on Our Communities.

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Tweet ( While things have certainly not been perfect over these last couple of decades, we have been able to at least rejoice in the fact that violent crime has been decreasing sharply. Despite the increase of violence in entertainment, which many politicians and concerned parents were sure would encourage like behavior on the streets, it […]

Logbook Loans – The Mode of Financing.

Tweet ( If you live in the United Kingdom, you should be aware of the Number One UK Logbook Loan Lender. They are an extraordinary loaning company with an extraordinary record and have helped thousands of people to get loans and to get their lives back on track. You are eligible to use if you […]

Black Subscription Beauty Boxes to Try.

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Tweet ( I don’t know about you, but I can be a bit of a product junkie. I like trying different things because I never know what might work well for my situation. If you like trying new beauty and hair products too, have you ever considered getting a beauty box subscription? They are all the […]

Tips For Women Trying To Climb The Career Ladder.

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Tweet ( Women in the world of business are at a massive disadvantage. As much as we wish it weren’t true, a lot of men prefer to promote other men over women. Whether they are doing it unconsciously or they are making a specific effort, it often makes it more difficult for women to advance their […]

Four Ways to Save for Christmas Now.

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Tweet ( One of the best times of the year is Christmas. It is an occasion for family, friends, and fun. Out of town guests, big dinners and festive decorations truly make it the most wonderful time of the year. With that, I know that it is only summer, but before you know it, the holiday season will […]

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