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Work Support Verses Drama.

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( Today a lot of us spend a lot of time at work. It doesn’t matter if you work on site or work from home, to make ends meet there are weeks we spend more time with our co-workers than we do with our family. This can cause work to develop a culture of its own; we tend to see it form from day on in job training. There is a shifting that happens whereby we are cool with some, indifferent to others, and there is usually that person you just don’t care for too much. Then somehow I’m too many setting we meet at least one person that becomes family.

You might start a job with the mindset of, “I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to do a job and clock out”. Too many of us have said it, but it goes out the window once the job training begins. The truth is, in many professions we must be willing to work well with others. In meeting new people we very well may find a co-worker that we mesh well with. However, it is important to be mindful of the very fine line between work support, and work drama.

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We all need those co-workers that can assist us when needed, and that help make the work environment palatable. You never want to be that person that is caught in a bind, and can’t reach out to a soul. This is apart of making sure you are covered. Furthermore, building positive work relationships is also a form of networking that can stay with you if you desire to move up within the company, or if you have to change employment. Unfortunately too many of us end up succumbing to work drama. Knowing the tea might seem hilarious at first, but this kind of being in the know has consequences across your life. There is no way to deal in drama, and not get caught up, especially if you’re too trusting.

Think about it: how often do you engage in gossip on a company computer in their chat space, how often do you screenshot information, when the mess hit the fan do you find yourself taking a side, and does the work drama follow you home. All it takes is one situation to go down and someone decided to drag your name into it. You might now be an active participant, but someone is adding and all you did was spectate. You’ll be looking for the nearest exit from the work drama only to find that the door out is well hidden.

There are co-workers that will become family, but they are few. They look out for you, and add to the work environment and your life. Some co-workers are great on the job, and that’s where it stays. Please understand this is okay; Both scenarios are good work support relationships. Work drama should be avoided at all costs. It doesn’t just run the risk of threatening your employment, it can shift the environment in a negative way. When it follows you home you’ll find yourself feeling more stressed out…it’s very draining. You don’t get paid to court this kind of toxic behavior. You van know what’s going on in the office without feeling obligated to engage in the madness. Work can stressful enough with tasks, deadlines, meetings, emails, and everything that comes with the territory. Don’t let the drama add unnecessary weight, and bleed a toxic energy from your workplace to your place of rest.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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