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5 Reasons Why Women Should Hold Out.

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( When it comes to sex, men and women view the act in completely different ways. For a woman, sex is more of an emotional connection whereas for men sex is just a physical act, satiating their sexual appetite. There is the age old debate of when the right time to have sex in a relationship is. Well I’m here to tell you that the longer you wait the better. I have compiled a list of five reasons why you should hold out (for as long as humanely possible) when you meet someone and get into a relationship.

1. Sex clouds people’s judgment. If you are with someone who mistreats you, but the intimate side of the relationship is enjoyable, women tend to stay in that unhealthy relationship because they are being satisfied sexually. How much sense does that make? There are six billion people in this world; I’m sure you can find someone else to satisfy you and treat you well.

2. If you are out here giving your goodies to every Tom, Dick, and Harry, you depreciate you own self worth. A basic principle of economics is the law of supply and demand. Anything that is in low circulation will have an increased price and value. Not that I am saying a female’s body parts can be priced but I am speaking hypothetically. You lose exclusivity when you exploit yourself and allow any and every man to have a piece of you. Make yourself a commodity.


3. Something as intimate as intercourse should be shared with someone you actually care about. Any intimate experience shared with someone that you love and care about makes that experience much more enjoyable. Many people claim that they would never hold out in a relationship because that would be like buying a car before you test drive it. Be that as it may, like I stated earlier, if you are doing something with someone that you care about, the experience will be much better than if it were with someone you barely knew. Practice makes perfect. No one starts out doing something well. They must perform it until it becomes a well-refined skill. The same can be applied to being intimate with someone.

4. Waiting to be intimate leaves something to look forward to in your relationship. If you meet someone and the first thing you do with them, before you even know their last name is have a one night stand, it doesn’t leave anticipation for anything else in the relationship. You’re handing something so sacred and intimate to someone on a silver platter. What have they done to deserve something so precious?

5. A man will respect you if you respect yourself. If you carry yourself with confidence, your mate will have no choice but to follow suit. Sleeping with a man just to appease him will show that you lack morals and values. At the end of the day, if you wait until you’ve gotten to know a person, you will save yourself a lot of heartache that comes with sleeping with someone too early.

Staff Writer; Janice Gassam

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