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So What He Had A Woman?!

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( If I meet one more brotha this month who cheats like it’s a badge of honor, I’m going to have a meltdown. Seriously. What’s going on out there in the cold world called reality? Have I been naïve all of these years or are men suddenly becoming much more brave in the cheating game? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware that women cheat and we can discuss that the next time, but this stood out to me because this week alone, I’ve already met three cheating brothas.

I know all men don’t cheat. I know some men cheat but keep it private. But I’m beginning to meet men, who despite having a woman at home, are bidding to bed another woman when and wherever the opportunity presents itself and even worse, they are as public about it as can be. They are walking PSA’s for cheating.


It’s starting to rub me the wrong way. I always try to remind myself of the many faithful men out there when I meet a few bad apples but it doesn’t always help to erase the memory of my encounters with them. I’m human. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that meeting these outspoken, manipulative and braggadocios cheating men didn’t have me questioning all men in the back of my mind. I just wonder. This type of man seems to be growing in numbers, how closely have they infiltrated my circle? Is my guy one of them? Are my girlfriends guys one of them? It’s a little scary.

The thing that really sucks is that two of them have really awesome girlfriends whom they are planning to marry. Yet their girlfriends are irrelevant when they meet another woman who they’d like to roll in the sack with. I know that most women have a God given intuition and usually have an idea when their men are cheating but some men are really good liars. They can pull the wool over any sprung chicken’s eyes.

What’s even sadder is that there are women out there who could care less about a man having a “girl back home.” She’s just down for the cause.

With all of the diseases out there, you’d think people would just find one bed to lay in and stay there. What I’m learning is that, that will likely never be the case. I’m reminded of a saying I heard as a kid, “the only thing better than a woman is a new woman.” SMH, ain’t that a damn shame?

Staff Writer; Ashley Charisma

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