Monday, April 15, 2024

Finding Life Amidst Death.

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( Sometimes we run to a history book to tell us that yesterday was so much worse than today. If that is the case then even if we have moments of despair progress is afoot. Humanity is evolving, growing, and learning to do better everyday. We look for this narrative and hold on to it we every ounce of our being. Others will say, but no matter what happens God is in control. He will hear the cries of his people and eradicate the evil from amongst us…we need only submit ourselves to his Word. There are even those who feel maybe we should summon the soul of this Nation, because what we’re seeing isn’t who we are. There is the mindset that America at it’s core simply needs to return to itself. The problem is when bodies that we can’t ignore begin to pile up…we are then reminded of the bodies we did ignore. We’re at that moment forced to acknowledge the death that surrounds us because it has made it’s way to the porch. That might be come to Jesus that is on it’s way for America as a whole, but Black folks have always know of this threat of death.

To continue moving forward amongst so much tragedy one much look for life in every way possible. Sometimes it might be something as simple as acknowledging the air your are breathing. Yet, embracing life might also mean putting off some of the false protections we use as coping mechanisms. History is very important. However, the idea that it repeats itself is very much so a fact. Yet, the repetition happens on principle. So often times when history begins to repeat it can go unnoticed for quite sometime. History is not our vindicator; it is the champion of no one…it’s meant to give a truthful account of what was. So we should only call on it to reference ways change has been addressed.

We should never use history to shout about progress in the face of carnage. For those that feel God is in control…well God gave humans dominion, so at what point do we stand accountable. God isn’t going to fly out of the sky and rescue us. We are going to have to be accountable for our actions and actual work on changing our behavior. Lastly, yes this is who we are as a nation. Yes, racism and an obsession with gun violence, amongst many other things, is built into the DNA of America. We must accept this truth or there is absolutely no way that we’ll be able to enact real change.

The truth, that is the life we need to bind ourselves to in order to break free of what seems to be constant death. We must come together and deal with the truth of why a white man would target and shoot up a grocery story solely to kill black people, why gunman are opening fire in churches, and why our babies can’t go to school without the fair that they will meet their death in a classroom. The key is we must come together each and every one of us. Our communities must find solidarity within each other. We must learn who we are, and love on each other like never before. Then we must take this love to the larger we. As we reckon with the truth, we have an opportunity to create a new, and promising truth for future generations to continue on.

Seeing the beauty of life is difficult when we constantly wake up to mass murder in our country. It is made more difficult when the solutions to these problems are wrapped up in politics and greed. Yet, with each dark challenge we come together to create a fortitude that allows us to love, grow, glow, smile, and rebuild. As we push forward the comfort, compassion, strength, and beauty of life itself sustains up. It is not an easy task, yet our people have been turning tragedy to triumph since our beginnings in this country. We can not afford to be dead on our feet while trying to teach the next generation. It is important that we find the strength to continue to seek life, regardless of what we encounter. Truth and accountability is must be the foundation of our strength if we are to continue and do so full of life, hope and love.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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