Thursday, June 20, 2024

Minding Your Business Can CLOSE THE DOOR.

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( There are so many ways these days to mind everything but the business that pays. Many of us are asking God to open doors that lead to sufficiency, peace, fulfillment, protection, and prosperity. While we are also needing doors to close that lead contrary to everything and anyone that would deter the things we need and desire. Focus is a very difficult thing to find and keep these days. We are bombarded from the time we wake up to the time with sleep with the need for interaction, be it positive or negative. How many times have you posted on social media your feelings on a matter, then you find yourself checking the site to find out who interacted with your post…or who did not.

How many of us just sit back and scroll timelines because the truth is we don’t feel like tending to our business, we feel we need to get away from said business, we don’t know what we’re to do about the business, or we simply zoned out and the time just flew. If it’s not social media, there seems to always be someone to call or text, or heaven forbid you get the call because someone you know/love needs to spill the tea. Who are you to say let me call you back, or better yet just don’t answer because you need to tend to the life that is happening real time right before your eyes? Let’s be real, some of it could be you’re addicted to the drama, and what the tea spilt so whatever you are tending to will have to wait.


Business and discipline are two words that are married, and always will be. Praying, fasting, going to church, and tithing are all wonderful things to do. With that being acknowledged, sometimes you aren’t waiting on God for your breakthrough…he’s waiting on you. The many doors that get between us and the blessing is often in our hands to fix or initiate. At some point, you must be thinking I really didn’t have to pick up my phone at all. Accountability can be assisted by others, but at the end of the day it comes down to you. What do you want, and what are you willing to sacrifice to get it? What addictions are you willing to acknowledge so that you can get free of them, so that you can get out of your own way. That is a turning point question. What are you willing to push through?

Writing is a very solitary task. There are days I simply don’t feel like sitting at my computer to write anything, and I have a passion for writing. There are days when I feel like reading all day long, but I need to get my words in for the say. I pray I become a NY Bestselling Author one day, but that prayer will require the sacrifice of typing when I don’t feel like it, and on days when the inspiration seems to have forgotten me. My phone and all of social media will start calling my name to just sit back and scroll through timeline after timeline which would waste away my day. When that doesn’t work the phone call & text notifications will start to go off. Nope, my book won’t write itself, and no amount of prayer is going to make it appear out of thin air. As the saying goes, I need to “mind the business that pays me.

If you haven’t realized it, the door we are talking about is called distraction. Minding your business can seal that door shut; not because you don’t care about the world around you, but because you have a priority list and business to tend to. Some are in a state where self, homelife, and career are completely out of order, but we know some much about what’s going on with the next person. That information isn’t being order to the confusion we’ve allowed. My mother always told me “God will allow what you allow”. In this I find she has a point. If I have time for ever issue, post, response, show, gossip…chatting over the lives of people I don’t know it’s no wonder I’m everywhere. You are more than enough, and you owe it to yourself, your dreams, and your family to do what’s necessary to allow you to be present with yourself. For some that might be a routine, for others it might be found in therapy, for others at church…whatever allows you to set your priorities in order do that for you. You’ll find that doors have been waiting to open, you have time to be present for your partner and/or children, you have time to care for self…and there is even time for checking on the world. You’ll just find that you no longer wake up to everyone else’s business…the day will start with your business. It’s not easy at first, but with every adjustment the door that leads to distraction and a lack of productivity closed more…until it’s completely shut.

Staff Writer; Adonicka Michele

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