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Wellness & Self-Care.

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( The journey to health, wealth, peace, and prosperity is more achievable than we believe. Inside of all of us, we are given the tools to provide ourselves tranquility and serenity. The key to achieving inner wellness and peace is to have an open mind. An open mind is important, with it the possibilities of what can be achieved are endless. Self-care is defined as the act of preserving or improving one’s own health. Your definition of self-care is exactly that, your version of self-care, so figure out routines that work best for you. Self-care is the act of taking care of yourself so that you can be healthy, live life, and accomplish your goals. Imagine self-care on a scale of four dimensions: emotional, physical, spiritual, and psychological. Taking your time to nourish each dimension of your overall wellness is important.

Wellness is the conscious act of being aware of making choices that affect your health and make you a healthier and happier individual overall. While self-care deals with choices we make that are physical and emotional; Wellness focuses on the intentions and choices that we make to seek our intended goals. Studies have even shown that those who exercise regularly, maintain healthy eating, get adequate sleep, and are satisfied with their personal lives are less likely to have issues with depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. It is very important to your overall health and wellness to eat foods that have nutritional benefits that will ultimately nourish your mind, body, and soul. When you take care of your body you will find that it will take care of you in return. Making healthier food choices, exercising, and making time to enjoy a laugh or a breath of fresh air are essential to our wellbeing.


If you want your body to support you then you must first prepare the body to do those things. Activities such as yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, and routine walks are all healthy ways of exemplifying self-care. Taking personal time for yourself is also a very important part of self-care, reserving “you” time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life is something we owe ourselves. Learning to decompress and relax is crucial, remember your mind and body deserve to have a break. Self-care is not limited to ideal beliefs but is a means of taking care of yourself and paying attention to yourself and your needs. Wellness and self-care are not about adding more to your already busy “to-do list” but instead is a method to prioritize oneself.

Self-care is also achieved through the spiritual realm tasks such as meditating, reflecting in a journal and becoming one with nature. When properly done self-care feeds us spiritually, we must feed the soul to be nourished. We all find peace in different ways so experiment and see what spiritually and mentally speaks to you. You will find that the journey of self-care and wellness is a personal journey that’s importance comes from within. Each day things change and it is important to constantly reflect on your goals and the behavior it takes to get there. We are in control of our own destiny, one can only control the actions of self.

Self-care and wellness are so empowering, allowing you to maintain and boost your overall health. Making yourself the main priority is the most important aspect of self-care. Far too many times we put others first and neglect ourselves. Make it your mission to always make time for yourself whether it’s to read a book, take a walk, or enjoy your favorite treat. Take a break from technology and tap into nature. Love yourself and put your needs first, this is the way to achieve real self-care.

Staff Writer; Myra Moore

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