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6 Ways to Empower Women.

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( March is marked as International Women’s Month. People celebrate the importance of women in the community. However, this should not only be done once a month. Women should be complimented and empowered every time of the year. 

Here are five ways you can empower women in your life:

1. Support local women entrepreneurs.

In the business industry, women’s capabilities are often underestimated. They do not know that they actually have the skills to put up their own business, not to mention the patience they have towards customers. If you have a friend who is starting to put up her business – may it be a mini coffee shop, boutique, or food business, show them support by purchasing their products, sharing their posts, or believing that they achieve success in their business venture.

2. Validate their opinions.

This may look simple but in many countries, a woman’s voice is often neglected just because of them being a woman. They cannot express their knowledge, opinion, and suggestions towards a topic and are forced to obey the men leaders. Listening to their opinion isn’t just merely listening to them and failing to understand what they are trying to say. Empower women by giving them the spotlight to hear their voices and consider the ideas that they have.

3. Make sincere compliments.

Compliments are not limited to how gorgeous they look, how slim they are, or how they carry themselves beautifully. You can always compliment them with their achievements, their kindness, or even on the simple things that they excellently do. While it is pleasant to receive compliments about their looks, seeing something deeper than the physical appearance is better. Compliment her mind and soul and find beauty in her simplicity.

4. Show your gratitude.

Regardless of their status or role, take time to show your gratitude towards them. Thank your women employees for their hard work and contribution to your business. For husbands, learn to appreciate your wife and commend her with how she manages the family’s home. Find something you can acknowledge even if it seems like normal or simple everyday tasks.

5. Stand up against violence for women. 

Study shows that one out of three women has experienced abuse – may it be physical or sexual abuse. Any type of abuse may cause a lifetime trauma for any person, including women. What’s even more disappointing is that many of them are silenced or threatened when they try to speak up about their experience. Some are even bullied or victim-blamed. This fear should not hinder them to fight for their rights. If you know people who are experiencing abuse or violence, create a support system and stand up for these women.

6. Build each other up.

It’s not always men who look down on women. Sometimes, it is the people of the same gender that do that to them. They tend to mistreat and cover-up for their insecurities by looking at other women’s flaws and backstabbing them. While a friendly competition could exist, choose to build others up instead of making an effort to get ahead of everyone else. 

Women aren’t “just women”. They play a big role in society and have the capability of doing things that often men can’t do. Gender stereotyping should be avoided and let women bring out the best in them without being judged, disrespected, and questioned. 

Staff Writer; Ellie Carter

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