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How to Speak His Love Language.

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( According to Gary Chapman’s book, The 5 Love Languages, there are five key emotional ways that couples speak and understand each other’s love. Your man may have only one love language or several but the important thing is to identify what it is and speak it! Your relationship may be going downhill or not at it’s best like in the beginning possibly because you stop speaking his love language.

Below are some practical ways that you can spice up your love life and speak his love language.

The Five Love Languages for Men

Words of Affirmation. Tell your man how much you appreciate him more often than not. Affirm to him daily that he is a vital part of your life. This can be done in a handwritten note, face to face, via text or a phone call in the middle of his day. Your man wants to know that he is an asset to you and/or your family, so tell him and show him consistently.

Acts of Service. Those manly chores around the house that you designate for him, help him do it. Fix his lunch for work or wake up early enough to cook him breakfast before you both start your busy day. Show that you care about your man by being of service to him. Put away that negative mindset of serving your man is wack or old ways of thinking and do something nice for him, instead. Don’t let your independence be the downfall of your relationship because you’re too independent to do something nice for your man.

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Receiving Gifts. If your man loves gifts, give them to him. Now usually men have expensive habits just as much as us women. So you may have to save for a while to purchase some gifts but you can buy him gifts that don’t cost much as well.

Quality Time. Put the phone and kids away and spend time with your man. Clear that boss chick calendar of yours and spend some real, uninterrupted time with your man. If you’re like me, you may need to put your phone in another room to avoid the temptations of picking up your phone and tuning your man out. Sometimes men are ok with just the mere presence of their woman and consider that quality time. Others want to be fully engaging with their woman and who on earth would argue against that? The next time you plan a to-do list, plan to spend time with your man also.

Physical Touch. Last but not least, ladies, your man of course enjoys the physical touch of his woman. Don’t get complacent in the relationship and stop touching your man. Physical touch doesn’t just mean intercourse, either. Gently hold his hand when you’re at dinner or walking to the car. While giving him words of affirmation, ended it with a soft hug and kiss. Rub his back sometimes or his temples when he’s had a rough day at work. Don’t always be the receiver of physical touches.

Don’t overthink it, and like Nike, just do it. You may have to go through a series of tests and trials until you find, what works for speaking your man’s love language. Every man is different so there is no one formula designed to fit your man’s wants and needs. As time changes so will your man so you may have to speak all of these love languages throughout the course of your relationship. Just be genuine in whatever you do and your man will truly appreciate the efforts.

What’s your man love language(s)? What are some things that you do consistently to speak his love language(s)? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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