Monday, December 4, 2023

Tips on Dating During a Pandemic.

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( Have you become bored, Netflix and chilling with bae during the pandemic?  Everyone across the world has had to readjust normalcy in some shape way or another to remain



b) safe.  Depending on what part of the country you are in, there are multiple ways that you can still date safely without streaming the same shows over and over again online.  I have enjoyed reconnecting more with my partner inside and outside of our home together.  Below are a few tips that I’ve personally done with my partner as we continue to date during the pandemic.

Get tested.  It’s just like when you make sure that the other routine tests are done when dating or when you’re considering becoming intimate with your partner.  KNOW YOUR COVID-19 STATUS.  It can literally help save you or your partner’s life.  Get comfortable talking to your partner about health-related issues just as you discuss other important details within your relationship.


Go out in the wild together.  Consider doing outdoor activities away from the crowds.  This can include taking walks in a park, hiking, bike riding or taking long drives together and explore neighborhoods that you don’t get to see often.  Remember to always bring your mask just in case you come in contact with others.  You can also order contactless food & drinks and drive to a lakefront, mountain or whatever scenery you decide in your area, turn on some slow jams and enjoy each other’s company in peace.

Utilize dining areas with open spaces or patios.  You can still have the experience of going out on a date with your partner during the pandemic.  Restaurants have been doing a great job ensuring that everyone who visits their establishments are safe and keeping the environments extremely clean and sanitized.   Please be patient wherever you choose to go because most places are short staffed which can result in longer wait times to be seated and/or served your meals.

Visit your local drive-in theater or concert.  Now where I live, neither is available to do just yet, but it looks different and fun.  You can snuggle up together in your car and enjoy a good movie on a big screen or sing along to your favorite artists at an outdoor concert.   One of my favorite R&B artists, Monica was on a stage somewhere in Atlanta with a parking lot where the people were in their cars watching her sing, dancing beside their cars and I thought that that was a dope idea for a date night!

If you haven’t noticed, most of these tips involve you being outdoors.  However, you can do all of these activities indoors, together with your partner, safely at home if where you reside is currently in another shutdown.  The Verzuz battles on Instagram taught us how to enjoy virtual concerts in the comforts of our own home.  Create a romantic dinner right there at your living room table or set up the patio furniture in your backyard and watch a movie underneath the moonlight and stars.  Just continue to safely date and connect with your partner during the pandemic.

Staff Writer; Felicia T. Simpson

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