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Ciara’s Prayer or Lori’s Finesse.

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( The unfortunate topic of minding another woman’s business is greeting us again, on social media.  This time, it is in the form of comparing two beautiful black women in their own right: Ciara and Lori Harvey.  Without their permission, these women have been deemed as “goals” for whatever type of relationship(s) a woman desires to have according to most people on social media.  If you are more of a reserved woman, waiting on “Mr. Right” to sweet you off your feet, then you’re most liking waiting on Ciara to share her infamous prayer to complete your romantic fairy tale.  If you like to have options, and enjoy a fun filled dating life with your beaux’s, then you are probably rooting from the sidelines as Lori Harvey inspires you, continuously.

To me, regardless of how both women live their lives romantically is utterly none of my business at all!  I understand both sides of the women’s points of views and positionings in life.  Ciara on one hand, was once “young” and dated around.  Remember when she dated Bow Wow, possibly Monica’s brother Montez (they went to prom together), 50 Cent and Future before she married Russell Wilson?  Social media was still blooming back then so her dating life wasn’t under the magnifying glass as much as dear Lori.  However, at some point, Ciara wanted a more settled life, to raise a family and so long story short, Wilson came into her life and now they are happily married with a beautiful family.


Lori on the other hand is young and not letting societal views or traditional views, dictates who and how many people she should date in her lifetime.  The backlashes that she gets often are either that her famous step-father Steve Harvey is somewhere pulling his brains out because she is not “acting like a lady and thinking like a man” according to his bestseller books and movies.

Or, she’s being labeled as “passed around too much and nobody is going to want her.”  The nerve of the double standards in both cases!  Men serial date all of the time and get pats on the back when they do it.  While women get labeled negatively when they do exactly the same thing.  Make it make sense!

If you’re single and dating, you don’t have to box yourself in trying to be like any of these women.  You can instead, create the dating life that works best for YOU and makes YOU happy!  If you chose to date one or many men all at the same time, that’s your business and no one else’s.  Women are not being married off at young ages any more, or marrying for status because by now unless you’re blind, women are creating their own standards for love and commitment.  So, in my humble opinion, you can have the best of both worlds, you can pray for your perfect king like Ciara or you can finesse your way through relationships until you find the perfect king for you.  Nothing is wrong with your choice, either way.

Staff Writer; Felicia T. Simpson

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