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Love On Your Body.

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( There are those that live by the phase “You Only Live Once”. For some that is a call to live your best life; do all the exciting things you thought you could never do. Work hard and make sure you play just as hard. Life is short so it is important to get everything you can out of it and live every moment up until it is your last. Sistas these are wonderful goals. If this pandemic has taught us nothing…we are learning to take nothing for granted. One minute we are going about life as we say fit, and the next we were abruptly bought to a screeching halt. Life now looks vastly different than it did when the year started, and we don’t know when, or if, a normalcy that we once knew will ever return.

With that being said, one’s health is something that must be acknowledged. So many of us have lost loved one’s due to this pandemic. We have lived in fear due to our own pre-existing conditions and they have made us feel trapped and shut in at times. The one thing we must all do is love one our body. We only have one body, and without it…there is no living.

This kind of love does involve having a better diet, making sure you exercise, and finding time to meditate. However, loving on your body is my body - black womanalso addressing the things that can stress you that are outside of that body. It is important that you mitigate the emotional energy you expend on negativity…or those that are negative, so that you don’t over tax your body. This is nothing we haven’t heard before, but to live we need the best immune system possible.

We have to give our body a fighting chance to keep us amongst the land of the living. Your peace is attached to the health of your body, not just your mind. How many arguments have you been unnecessarily involved in? How many times did you expend the energy for a venting friend who asked for advice, but it went in one ear and out the other? How many times will you be deemed selfish for having boundaries, and care? Sometimes you have to love from a distance and let others sort out their life as you are sorting your life.

Loving on your body can also mean doing somethings for self that is soothing for you. Take the time to soak in the tub or extend your shower. Sometimes water on the body is soothing mentally and physically…it’s love. Soak your feet, give your self a facial, prepare your favorite snack, watch a movie you haven’t seen, read a new book, or simply give yourself permission to take a good nap.

Love all aspects of your person fully to have your best health, and in turn the opportunity to live your best life. You deserve love, peace, and true fulfillment. Furthermore, you’d want to giver yourself the best fighting chance to avoid illness. There is nothing wrong with making the best decisions that is best for you and your overall well-being.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

May also connect with this sister via Twitter; ChelleStJames.

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