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We are Breonna Taylor.

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( Everyday we are suffering the reality of a heartbreak we knew was coming. The thing is, being black in America is the art of resilience despite blood and heartbreak. We live in a country the doesn’t have a broken system. I have come to realize the system functions the way it was designed to function. It was never meant to include black people as citizens. It is a system that would not acknowledge our humanity. White America told themselves, and anyone that would listen, that we are animals…we are predatory by nature. We were to be put in line or put done because we are violent. This is nowhere near the truth, but to maintain power it is the narrative that has continued.

This is why killing us doesn’t not invoke the hand of justice. Dogs receive more justice than the life of a black human being. The black population is reminded of this horrid treatment whether they acknowledge it, or not. We tend to have hope, even when we know it will be met with heartbreak. Our men, women, and children are disposable. We are okay as long as we are giving of ourselves…giving of ourselves, but there is no true respect for what is given. Here we are again…mourning the lack of justice for Breonna Taylor and we are tired.breonna - taylor

We are not taking this laying down. As a people we are angry, and we have had enough. Any of us could be Breonna Taylor…murdered in our home by the police. In my mind I wonder how many of our people that have met the same fate, and we don’t know their names. No matter how much we scream “DON’T KILL US” our people are dying. The sad part is what has happened to Breonna Taylor has been happening to our people since the plantation. There is no post-racial society. How can a country move past something it has never truly addressed, while continuing to empower the structures that terrorize our people? No matter how many degrees, businesses, homes owned, offices won, no matter what achievements have been had none of it is enough to keep us alive.

This system as it stands would have to be completely shattered so that something can be created that included all American citizens equally. There is nothing left to reform, it is important to begin talking about starting over. There needs to be a justice system that is created for all Americans. Americans, yes we are Black and we are indeed Americans. We are tired of trying to prove to white people and other groups that we are American enough to partake of the rights and

We are not jus Breonna Taylor, and many other Black people that have been killed by the police, in solidarity. There is a fear that we are in just as much danger every single day. Unfortunately, we are reminded too often that we are not safe anywhere in this country. Somehow this needs to change immediately. We are tired. There are no words to explain the depths of this kind of weariness. How much more must we endure?

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

May also connect with this sister via Twitter; ChelleStJames.

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