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Types of Guys You Should Avoid Dating.

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( We all wanted to have a great partner, however, there are times when girls end up dating the not-so-good ones especially when they are too attached to fairytales and movies that are too good to be true. Bad boys are sometimes classified as romantic and many girls find them attractive, thinking that they could transform them into good guys. But, that is not often the reality. If you’re not careful, you might end up crying and heartbroken. 

Here we have a list of guys that you should avoid dating:

The Narcissist

This type of guy might be charming at first, especially if a person he’s dating has low self-esteem. You might find this person attractive because they are skilled manipulators. They are often good-looking and powerful which makes them look like an ideal guy. However, a narcissist is a person who is arrogant and self-entitled. If you find the person you’re dating too confident about himself and do not ask questions about you, but instead, always talks about his achievements and success, you might want to think carefully if you want to continue dating him. A healthy relationship takes two people building each other up and not one person building himself up alone. 

The Hot-Headed

A relationship isn’t always about butterflies and rainbows. You will have to go through some misunderstandings and struggles. Surely you will need to be patient to make your relationship work, but a hot-headed guy who is easily tempered even with petty issues will make a relationship toxic. Observe how he reacts with little inconveniences when you are with him. If you saw him getting mad at little things, that should be a big red flag. Choose a person who is responsive rather than reactive and someone who remains calm in every situation. 

The Cheater

If a person is labeled a cheater, this should be a no-no. A cheater is a good conversationalist and knows how to get girls with their sweetness. If you spot a cheater talking to you, do not entertain and allow yourself to be his next prey. This is especially true if that person is already in a relationship. Remember that if he is doing it with his current girlfriend, he can do the same with you. 

The Uncommitted

A type of person who is not into a serious commitment might end up with just flirting with you. An uncommitted guy can easily change his mind and does not look forward to being with you in the long run. They are often just looking for fun. You are not meant for hookups or flings. Rather, choose someone who is ready to commit himself fully to you and without hesitation. 

The “No Ambition”

Most women look for guys who are husband and father material. Someone who has no ambition will end up making himself a burden to you. He is usually unmotivated and has no plan of improving himself. He is lazy and often unreliable. If you’re not sure if you’re dating this type of guy, spend some time talking about your plans and ambitions. If you find him not serious about this conversation or unsure of his answers, maybe it’s time for you to back off. Someone who has no ambition will not just ignore building your relationship but might also end up ruining your own dreams and aspirations. 

Staff Writer; Ellie Carter


One Response to “Types of Guys You Should Avoid Dating.”
  1. Observer says:

    Seems like a short list. To expand I think the following types should be included: Bipolar, vindictive, gold-diggers, broke, men obsessed with their exs, cu*t hounds, bitter, scape goaters, those with trust issues and quitters.

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