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How to Declutter Your Home.

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( We might not notice how cluttered our home is until we are forced to stay at home. Due to the global pandemic, we are obliged to stay at home and are not allowed to go out unless it is necessary. With this, we also have a lot of time to clean and declutter at home. However, if you’ve been planning to declutter your home but doesn’t know where and how to start, here are some tips you might want to consider doing:

Step 1: Make a plan. 

Start with specific goals in mind. Where do you want to start? What do you want to do with items that you no longer use? Check for clutter spots and do it one step at a time. For you to not get overwhelmed, don’t try to finish decluttering the whole house in one day. Choose first a space where there is less clutter and tackle bigger cluttered spaces last. 

Step 2: Sort all items.

In decluttering, it is often advised to use the box method where you sort items according to three categories: items to keep, items to store, and items that need to get rid of. All items that are for keeping should have their own designated place. It will remain as clutter when they are not in the proper place. Those that need to be stored should be labeled and re-checked every now and then to determine if they are really important. If you are unable to identify if an item needs to be kept or get rid of can be placed in this category. For the items that have no place in your house, you may either donate, sell as a pre-loved item, or trade with something that you really need.

Step 3: Clear all surfaces.

As much as possible, you should clear all flat surfaces in your house including drawers and kitchen counters. You may store small appliances such as juicers and blenders on your kitchen cabinets if they are not often used. Kitchen utensils should have their own designated place as well and avoid adding too many decorations on the kitchen counter. This will also create more space for you when you are cooking and baking goodies for you and your family.

Step 4: Create a home for every item.

Have you experienced looking for something and end up leaving clutter all over the place? Make sure to have a home for every item to avoid having it misplaced. Socks should be thrown directly to the laundry basket, keys are placed on key holders, and toys are kept after every use. 

Step 5: Avoid unnecessary purchases.

Buying new things might provide you with a sense of fulfillment at first but will later on just add clutter to your house. So before you even purchase that new stuff or gadget, make sure that it is a need and not a want. Avoid impulsive buying and wait for a month if you truly want something. Most of the time, the things that we badly want to buy will eventually be forgotten in a week or two. You may also set a rule to get rid of an item first if you want to bring in something new in your house. 

Decluttering is necessary not only in keeping the house clean and away from pests and dirt, but also provides you with a more relaxing home. This will affect both the physical appearance of your house and your mental health. We might not be aware but a cluttered home can make us feel stressed and overwhelmed. Lastly, don’t be frustrated with the imperfections. With little progress, you will make your home look better with less clutter. 

Staff Writer; Ellie Carter

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