Saturday, January 16, 2021

Organization To The Rescue!

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( One of my favorite episodes of the show “Living Single” involves Maxine Shaw, the attorney, and her mother.  Maxine’s mother comes to visit, and her friends are helping her prepare for the visit by helping her clean her house.  This is not the easiest task.  Maxine is not the most organized person. However, when asked where to put important documents, she tells her friends to put them under her sofa. In response to her odd request, Overton says “Hey, girlie may be a slob, but at least she has a system.”

A system: a plan of operation in order to accomplish a task.

People hear the word “organization”, and they immediately cringe. They think it involves spending money on clear bins and ironing clothes.  This is not always the case. The best organization is what works for you, and you have to decide what makes you feel at peace in the midst of fires, hurricanes, and tornadoes.  If you are reading this and expecting me to tell you how to organize, I cannot do that. I am not you.  I can help you ask yourself some questions that can lead you to that decision?

  1. How do you think?

Different sides of your brain control different functions of your body. Your left side usually does all the thinking while your right side does all the creativity. Knowing which side of your brain is dominant will help you start the process of what type of organization works in your favor. If you use your left side more, you are going to favor organization that uses lines and is symmetrically pleasing to the side.  If you are more creative, your organization will probably be more spatial, but it will still make sense.

  1. How do clean your kitchen?

I know this is a weird question, but I am almost certain that everyone does this at least once a week.  When you do it, pay attention to how you do it.  Do you do dishes first?  Then, you probably like taking care of small things first before big things.  Do you clean big appliances first?  You are probably a person that likes looking at the big picture before getting to details. Knowing these things can help you decide what organization style works for you.

  1. How do you work?

Jobs that give you flexibility are also job where we have the most control. Control? At a job? You?  It appears scary, but your form of operation can tell you a lot about how you need to organize.  Some of you work non-stop for lengthy periods of time, and then stop.  These people probably need things organized into big groups.  Some of you work, and then you take a break.  This means you probably like organization that is in pieces to create a whole.  Think about how you work, and let it help you decide what organization is best for you.

My organization took a long time for me to learn because I spent most of my time doing what everyone else was doing.  The BIGGEST part of learning organization for you is YOU.  You have to know yourself. You have to try different things for you.  It does not have to make sense to anyone else but you.  Conduct research for yourself so that you can be your best organized self…even if it involves a sofa.

Staff Writer; J. W. Bella

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