Saturday, April 13, 2024

Social Distancing Means Self Discovery.

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( It is amazing how much our lives were associated with being around people. We worked with people. We sat in the classroom with people. We went to concerts, movies, and restaurants with people. Even with states choosing to open businesses, most of us are still choosing to practice social distancing: staying 6 feet or more from people who do not live with us.  Watching Netflix for fun is now a constant.  Video chats with friends and families occur more often.  We have to find creative and safe ways to interact with people.

But how much time are we spending with ourselves?

This is not a question just for extroverts.  It is a question for all. How much time are we dedicating to deal with who we are and what we are to others?  A lot of discovery is happening thanks to having to stay in place.  The Chinese divorce rate has increased since the COVID-19 lockdown. Parents are starting to realize that teaching children is not as easy as it seems. Yes, people are realizing their relationships with others, but how many are taking the time to acknowledge and work on themselves?

For the record, it is not surprising that this time of quarantine is more like “survival” mode.  In the grand scheme of importance, self is not high up there with food and shelter.  Why is it that taking actual minutes of the day to learn more about you is difficult?  For one, it involves admitting what we normally try to avoid. We do not want to come to terms with some of our physical and mental attributes that are not normal or even likeable.

Social distancing means you have to stay away from others and get close to you.  The second reason it is difficult is because our self-esteem has to come into question.  We have to wonder just how much we are valuable, important, and deserved in a non-conceited way.  That is difficult when you do not know how to develop that type of self-searching.  Another source of the difficulty comes from something we expect from others, but we rarely think of for ourselves: respect.  We demand this socially from other people at work, on social media, and other places.  However, we forget to consider how much we need to ourselves.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting the company of others. If you are a social creature, that is great. However, the path to self-discovery is paved by you. You have to know who you are in order to know what you contribute to this world that needs you. Yes, it needs you. You are a vital part that makes human society functioning.  Your thoughts. Your viewpoints. Your loves. Your hates.  Hell, even your cravings at 2 AM in the morning contribute to the reason why so many of us will do almost anything to stay alive. Take this time to learn more about who you are.  You will not get it right the first couple of times because it is a game of trying and failing just to try again.  As you try, however, you will discover how awesome you really are. Then, when you are released back into this “new normal”, you will make a great difference in those you encounter.

Staff Writer; J. W. Bella

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