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Exit Stage Left.

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( Inhaling the high from applauds must be heavenly for those who express their creativity on stages.  I admire them for their dedication to their craft.  Their task is not easy or popular.  There comes a time that the show ends, lights go off, and it is time to exit the stage.  It could be because of low ticket sales. It could be because of sickness or age.  Regardless of the reason, it is time to exit stage left. It is time to start something else.

Women have this incredible ability to nurture and care longer than is usually needed. As the original caregiver (since we carry children in our wombs),  our minds and bodies are made for it.  There are times, however, when we have to know when to let go.  This is difficult for us for many different reasons. First,  we subconsciously believe that we are a change agent. Who we are should automatically change and elevate all who encounter us.  People should immediately become amazing,  and we have to share that ability with the world.  The second reason is because of our need to latch.  It does not matter if it is a positive or negative influence.  We empower our attachment to lead us more than our natural sense.  These two elements make it hard for us to recognize when a relationship has run its course.  Since those attributes make it very cloudy in finding the conclusion,  there are some other signs you can notice to give you clues to vacate the relationship.

  1. You alter who you are to appease them.

This sign is probably one of the most difficult to recognize because you probably think you are just “changing” because it is what you do. Your professional self is different from the personal self.  Think about that for a second. Since when do you need to be professional in front of someone who is near and dear to you?  If you are having to adjust yourself to be with them,  this person is probably not someone you should be close to anymore.

 2. You communicate more than they do.

If you look at your call log or messages and you notice that you are doing more of the calling than they are, it is a red flag.  This person is waiting for you to make the moves because they do not have the intention of making any or very little.  Even if you take into consideration emergencies and work-related pauses, there is nothing difficult or hard about sending simple texts to check in.

3. You rather others more than them.

When the separation from this person is happening, you are going to notice that new people will come into your life. Some will stick. Some will not.  The ones that stick, however, will want to be around you. You will want to do the same. Soon, you will notice that the other person will fade into a memory.   This is the most fun of all the signs, but it will be the most painful when you are alone.  It is going to hurt to admit that time and energy you invested into your relationship is no longer needed, but the hurt will make you appreciate those you are developing relationships with that will be filled with reciprocity, reason, truth, and effort.

I love really hard. I have no children.  My family is not exactly the most compassionate. So when I develop friendships or relationships,  it is an invisible bond that they have with me until death.  If it ends before death,  I will feel inexcusable pain that takes me a long time to get over.  I usually internalize it for a long time because I do not believe in saying anything behind the back of someone else. If it comes out before then,  it is in a fit of rage or depression. No one is safe in either situation.  The agony of losing a relationship is really difficult. Then, you have to think about what comes after the loss.  There is the possibility for so many other people and other lessons that can come your way once you finally choose to exit stage left from a damaging relationship.

Staff Writer; J. W. Bella

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