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Correction Doesn’t Equal Hatred.

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(ThySistas.com) When did we decide correction equated to hatred? We speak of holding people accountable, but when that happens in uncomfortable spaces we want to throw insults and accuse each other of hatred. This is dangerous. It’s important to understand that correction can come with disappointment and anger. If you injure, or offend, someone they have the right to address it and it is a learning moment. I understand it’s not a comfortable space so far too often the person in question deflects and gets upset that they are being addressed. When excuses are not accepted the person holding us to account much hate us right?

Wrong. You can get told about yourself, as long as you are not disrespected, it doesn’t mean you should respond throwing the hate you claim to receive. We want children to understand accountability, and to know their actions can invoke negative response when they hurt people. We want them to learn to own that so that they can be better human beings…well grown folks should do the same.

Far too often people get caught up in their feelings and needing those feelings to be validated that they aren’t listening when someone tells them what you’ve done isn’t okay. Look, not everyone that is upset with Gayle King hates her, and many people don’t wish harm upon her. However, people that find her actions regarding the Kobe Bryant interview offensive, if they are respectful, should be heard. The anger many men and women are feeling is based on their disappointment of her timing and pressing of a matter. They are tired of seeing situations re-surface once a black man has died. They don’t understand why issues can’t be settled why they are alive. They wonder why the after-death issues look one sided. Whatever their finding offense may be that doesn’t equate to hate. Gayle King isn’t the victim in this situation.

The same argument can be made when men are addressed about behavior in relationships…that isn’t the hatred of black men. When men address issues with women this isn’t the hatred of black women. We can’t grow if we are unwilling to hear and understand the correction of people we have hurt. It’s time we take a serious look at what we are becoming on social media and in other areas. We have to be accountable to our behavior without trying to excuse self then create a narrative whereby we are now the victim too. This is happening far too often, and it’s time we seriously take account while we can.

There is a whole generation of youth watching our interactions and they are being taught how to govern themselves by our actions. When we can’t take correction, we are creating a generation that will behave in the same manner. Disrespect is never acceptable. It isn’t acceptable when a woman (or man) is called out of their name; it is not acceptable when the wrong party tries to shun responsibility and cry hatred. All disrespect is wrong…not just the version that applies to you.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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