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The Relationship of Mom & Wine.

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( There seems to be a growing relationship between mothers and wine. The rate of alcoholism is on the rise amongst women with mothers leading the pack. Though this is disturbing it is very important to differentiate between women that simply enjoy drinking wine without abusing such, and those that begun to drink it just to make through the day. Why wine you say, it’s simple wine is looked at as more refined and socially acceptable than hard liquor. One can argue white mothers led the way in showing us the path to a comforting wine bottle. We see the memes, Facebook groups and articles about how wonderful wine is and how it helps moms cope with parenthood.

Basically, wine is to mom what a bottle is to the baby in terms of comfort. This need for comfort is alarming. If one didn’t know any better you’d think perpetual wine bottles is a rite of passage during the many different stages of motherhood. What happens when this bottle begins to show itself as just as much of a problem as vodka, gin, whiskey or rum?

I remember having my first child six years ago. While he was precious and the most perfect little boy I had ever seen nothing could prepare me for the changes that would rapidly occur in my life. My personal responsibility collided with that of a wife and new mother. There was stress and pressure I had never felt before. I remember being told some would do anything to trade places and on many days I understood…but I knew they had no clue what awaited them. While out at lunch with some moms in my community of various backgrounds concept of moms drink wine was introduced to me. I was already a social wine drinker; I especially enjoyed pairing wine with different kinds of meals.

However, I had never thought of it as the unwind drink regardless of its alcohol content. It was in this space that I realized a full body red wine can give you a head change rather quickly while allowing you to have the appearance of being in control. This was the key…the appearance of still being together. I mean its wine you can’t possibly become an alcoholic off such.

The bottom line is motherhood is rewarding, but stressful. There are many ways you can mellow out, and no one is saying don’t enjoy your occasional glass of wine…but don’t allow it to become your comfort. If you find that you wake up to wine, move throughout the day with win, drink it while you do homework, find tumblers to put your wine it that allows it to be assumed as another drink…and you end the night with it your relationship is unhealthy. Alcoholism is real and wine is not exempt. You don’t want to find yourself having accidents that can harm your children or yourself because the truth is you’re not together. The relationship between mom and wine is unhealthy.

It should not go together, and if it were any other kinds of alcohol we’d look down on it. In addition to your occasional glass of red try to find other ways to manager your stress that is positive and doesn’t run the risk of dependency. It might just seem like a small glass of wine, but it can become just as addictive as that small glass of crown if you allow it to comfort you.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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