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The 25%.

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( My male best friend and I have a tendency to come up with the most chaotic and crazy conclusions that usually happen to be right…sometimes:  Lake Minnetonka water has healing capabilities. Five Star notebooks can save lives if it was bulletproof.  The State of Florida has some very eccentric but brave people.  Our conclusions are based on facts, but skewed with our own comedy that makes up laugh uncontrollably while the world stares at us like we have broccoli in our teeth.  Do we care? Not really.  In our own little world, everything is awesome…as long as New Orleans Bounce music is involved.

One serious theory we have, however, is based on our similarity as introverts. We both do not like being around people a lot. We will sell our first born, three baby goats, and a xylophone just to stay in our house.  Unfortunately, we are both in careers that involve people:  I write and teach. He sells things. We have both learned the art of being great actors, but there are times when our acting skills are not enough. We have to step outside of our comfort zone in order to get to another point of greatness in our lives.  So, we created the 25% theory.

In each of our lives,  we live in the comfort zone that is about 75% of what we are.  This 75% includes our choices, our character, our core values/beliefs,  our consistent routines, and our surroundings that alleviate our anxiety. This 75% is not the same for everyone because it is uniquely tailored to who you are and what you like.  The problem with this percentage is that no growth can occur because it does not encourage any behavior or action to be better than what you are. In that 75%, you are as great as you ever will be.  Let me CLEARLY say that there is nothing wrong with this percentage. A lot of people think that just because you stay the same that is wrong.  That is not true.  Consistency is a needed trait in a society that tries to coerce to be like other people through social media, news media, and print media. However,  consistency also can be growth. You have options.

If you opt for growth, this is where the 25% comes in.  The 25% will do everything in its power to challenge your choices, character, core values/beliefs, routines, and surroundings.  It will not warn you. It will not give you time to prepare. It will also not be merciful.  The 25% is built to make you decide, and decisions require thought and action.  This is where my male best friend and I find ourselves in fits of anxiety and worry.  As an introvert, comfort and control are two of our greatest allies.  We are comfortable with ourselves, and we control what we allow into our precious time and space.

So how does one conquer the dreaded 25%?  This article begins the journey I like to call “Challenging the 25%”. Future writings will feature ways I used in order to conquer this incredible fear.  I can not promise you it will make sense or it will even be easiest to explain and express.  I will try. I hope you will join me on the process of Challenging the 25%.

Staff Writer; J. W. Bella

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