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Don’t Let Fear Stop Your Progress.

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( Fear is debilitating; it can make you feel paralyzed in a way that prevents forward movement. This feeling can manifest itself in just about any space. Some of us fear moving on from a relationship, experiencing a new relationship, failing in an endeavor, traveling to a new place, confronting a matter, starting a new job, starting over period, or being successful. Fear is everywhere we tern and often times it is perpetuated by the pain, trauma, and disappointments we have experienced. Acknowledging fear doesn’t make you weak, but it is something that has to be laid to rest if you are to have progress in any area of your life. Fear is a deeply felt controlling feeling. It can stop a person in their tracks even when they know it’s safe to move forward. There is so much in life to do, become, experience, and see but fear threatens all the progress in your life.

Some experiences require therapy, and rehabilitation in our emotional space to work through. When we decide it’s time to start the healing process in situations that plague us we are attacking fear. As you heal and understand yourself better fear is not as intimidating, and it loses the stronghold it has on the mind which effects movement. Granted there are areas where overcoming fear simply means moving through it and there is no other way to conquer it. When our children are learning something knew like how to swim they may have an initial fear of jumping in the water.

It’s easy to visualize that situation, and you know there is no way to get over the fear but to jump in. No matter what we say to that child they won’t understand conquering their fear until they press past it. In that moment they realize there is nothing to fear, and this helps them have confidence in themselves going forward even if what they encounter is new. The same concept applies to us in many areas that are not as visual.

You might want to go back to school, but fear failing or thinking you might be too young. The only way to get around that fear is to go through it. As you go to class, engage in new conversations, and make good grades your confidence surges. You want the position open on your job but fear you won’t get it…under the same principle apply. Believing in yourself is dynamic way to slay fear and uplift self at the same time.

It is very understandable that some areas where fear reside is harder to face and overcome. However, it’s not impossible. Remember you owe it to yourself to have the life you want. Don’t let fear stop you from living your best life in all areas. Those spaces that require healing may take a bit longer, but even the fears you may think are beyond your reach can be eliminated. When you are ready you can start the process of living without fear. You will find that in that space you are more confident, your peace is greater, and you experience more success. Failure is a part of life as sure as we are not good at everything initially, but failure can give us the opportunity to learn and improve. Don’t let anything, fear included, get between you and the life you deserve.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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