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Some of the Benefits of Starting a Business, Beyond Money.

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( When you think about the various benefits of being an entrepreneur, there is virtually a 100% chance that the first images that pop into your mind will have to do with wealth and material comfort.

The phrase “successful entrepreneur” naturally seems to summon up images of people in well-tailored suits, driving Rolls-Royces and such.

These days, it’s really easy to start a business – and it’s easy to source all the parts and goods you need for a business, whether that’s a  dry cooler, or a professionally designed website.

Actually making a success of a small business, though, is a lot harder. And, of course, great riches aren’t guaranteed.

Here are some of the benefits of starting a business, beyond money – just in case you were wondering if there was more to being an entrepreneur than pursuing wealth.

A sense of purpose and direction – something to work towards

Everyone needs goals in life, whether we actively think about them as “goals” or just pursue them out of habit and coincidence. With so many lifestyle options available these days, and with so many different ways to pursue your own destiny, one of the more common problems afflicting people now is actually a lack of a sense of direction and purpose in life.

Starting up your own business definitely gives you something to work towards – it gives you goals that you can take seriously, and that you can invest your time and energy in. It allows you to escape from your own negative internal cycle of overthinking, and actually get out there into the world and start getting stuff done. Whether your current business venture succeeds or fails, you will at least be having an adventure while you pursue it.

Experience and expanded horizons

Running a small business will teach you a lot of things, both in regards to the specific industry that you are focusing on, and also in regards to things like the way that different contractors interact (and assist each other), and how best to structure your time for optimum productivity.

Any business you might run is going to expand your horizons significantly – and there’s an argument to be made that you’ll actually learn more from your business ventures when they fail, than when they work out exactly as planned.

The more you learn, and the broader your experience and awareness become, the more likely you are to be successful in different areas of your life going forward. You’ll also just be a more interesting and useful person, in general.

Confidence, and a reminder of your own capabilities

Everyone would like to be confident and to feel good about themselves – but the kind of confidence that actually matters, and that helps us to live positive and uplifted lives, is the confidence that based on overcoming challenges.

If you sit at home, not doing much of anything but staring in the mirror every day and repeating affirmations about how great you are, there will probably always be a loud voice inside your head that tells you that it’s all a lie.

By doing something ambitious and overcoming your own internal fears, though, you will gain confidence and remind yourself that you are capable of getting out of your comfort zone.

Suffice to say, working on your own business is a great way of achieving that.

Staff Writer; Laura Brown

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