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One of the Best Gifts.

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( I admit to being a nerd and one who loves tech, growing up I was always looking for the latest gadget, games, anime or manga. That was always at the top of my Christmas list. Even as an adult you can’t go wrong with me and those kinds of gifts. I have noticed that what I value at the top of my Christmas list, or what I am grateful for, has changed drastically over time. It’s not that I don’t love those things anymore…they are just no longer the most important things I receive. At different times I just wanted to get closer to family as losing a loved one’s drove home the need to hone those relationships.

However, as the passing of family continued, and those that remained were harder to vibe with I saw this need leave me…or so I thought. Then there was the time all I wanted for Christmas was to be physically well. I spent the majority of the year in the hospital…I just wanted my health in a state whereby I could go home and live some form of a normal life. The priority spots on the list always seemed to change as I entered another season. There were also times I found myself wishing for a family of my own, and kids of my own until I realized it was not a good idea to put that on my Christmas list.

The thing is many of us have an idea of what would be the perfect gift. We know what we should say: life, family, wealth, knowledge, and love are just a few of the proper answers. I have come to realize one of the best gifts are moment, and time. It is often said that time is a friend to no one, but as long as you are still breathing time is your ally. Moments are irreplaceable. We live in a society whereby we want to capture every moment verses fully living them. It’s quite difficult to truly take in the magnitude of certain moments when you are actively trying to broadcast said moment to the world. It is a gift to have the opportunity to live in the moment. This is not the same as the same as the gift of life. One could be here, but not truly living…merely existing.

In a moment we could realize our worth, have a breakthrough, come up with an idea that changes the course of our life, make a decision that put us o our way to a better life. It is the moments that we seize that are a game changer; it is a wonderful gift to be able to recognize a defining moment and embrace time like it’s on your side. When life becomes a blessing, the moments are greater whereby you see time as something you can work with. Bring all of this together in revelation is one heck of a gift. No, it isn’t money or such, but it can materialize into anything you need.

Give yourself the space to partake of the gift that is your individual moments. Allow time to be a gift as you embrace these moments. It’s okay to document your moments and share them with others. However, don’t forget to actually BE in the moment. Give yourself the permission to take the space you need and deserve. Life is made of all the different moments, and events we experience. This is one way to ensure you are not merely existing. When this is at the top of your gift list, you can still keep everything else, it enriches everything you enjoy. Have your moment and allow it to be truly yours in every way in this coming year.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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