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Should I Fear the Sister in Power.

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( Black women are some of the strongest women I’ve ever known. I don’t simply say this because I am one of them, but because I have seen black women overcome circumstances that should have broken them. Despite hardship they manage to continue to grow, and be the backbones of a community that is fighting to keep its children out of deaths way. None of us are perfect, and the fight to elevate in this country can cause one to live in anger and anxiety. The only problem is it leaves us wondering what we are capable of doing to each other to stay alive, or to be successful. We could have a come to Jesus meeting about the ways in which some black men have showed us they aren’t walking in step with us. It seems it’s easier to rebuke black men, but we need to have this same meeting with each other. I find as of late the person that concerns me is another black woman.  Sometimes the person that might take us down, or block our path is one of our own.

I would like to think sisters are cheering for each other to succeed in every endeavor. We deal with enough discrimination, and racism, from white women and even other women of color. Have so many of us become “feminist” to the point that we would see each other as less than? At the end of the day all we have is each other, and our community…which does include black men. However, it’s very difficult to fight oppression when you must be concerned about the sister that should have your back. It seems we are not only blacking each other on the work force, but we can’t seem to give each other genuine kindness. When I see a sister in the grocery store or on a street, I speak…it is disheartening to have her look at me with disdain. She doesn’t know me, and I’ve done her no harm. What is the reason for the negative energy towards each other?

In the work place, as we fight to get up the ladder of success, it’s quite sickening that we feel in order to rose we must do so on the neck of another black woman. It is important to acknowledge there is enough room at the table for all of us, and if that’s not true then we need to create a larger table. Protecting, and rallying behind, white women in these areas have never been rendered the equality deserved. When we work to tear each other down we are adding the agenda of those that oppress all of us. As sure as one black woman destroys another…there is a white woman waiting for the one left standing.

We must stand together in all areas so a man shouldn’t be able to destroy sisterhood without true cause. Just because a sister brings red flags regarding the person you are with to your attention doesn’t mean they don’t want to see you happy, are jealous of you, or are trying to steal your love. This is the same sister providing the shoulder should those red flags fully manifest themselves. Consider the situation before you decide that sister in your circle is who needed to be taken down.

Yes, there is ugly and evil in every group. There are some sisters that are rotten, but that’s not everyone. Overall, we must continue to look out for one another as we are not the majority group. It is important that we acknowledge, and see, one another. The agenda of black women and family must sit in priority over the kinds of feminism that divides us, and people that pit is against each other. During my last hospital visit I saw a black woman walk in my room that was the nurse assigned to me. I was realized to see the sister only to receive horrible attitude and disregard. When asked about it…she just rolled her eyes and walked off. Needless to say this actually hurt my communal feelings. As we demand better from others we must give better to each other.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

May also connect with this sister via Twitter; ChelleStJames.

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