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Sometimes the Best Holiday is at Home.

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( The coming together of family sounds wonderful, and I love restaurants so that’s wonderful also. However, I’m beginning to believe quiet holidays at home relaxing isn’t such a bad idea. Contrary to popular belief this staying home isn’t a sign of depression, family confusion, or even introverted behavior. Sometimes there is a great need for rest, and stillness, that is often overlooked until the body begins to negatively respond to stress. Holiday season if loaded with stress; it’s xenon the job, at school, with family, and there is a serious push to spend money coming from multiple directions. There are times when you need the space to relax, cook a meal you really want to eat…or order out, and enjoy the peace.

I know this may not be a popular position because the holidays are supposed to be about family coming together. However, there is Thanksgiving and Christmas…choose one. Life on a daily basis is hectic and the fall leading to the holidays is usually a highly stressed out time with so much going on. There is nothing wrong with deciding you want to take the time to recharge in the comfort of your own home. This isn’t a call to shun family, be petty, not passive aggressive. What o speak of could be seen as self-care it’s just happening during the holidays.

Everyone doesn’t have several consecutive days off from work. It’s a lot to be expected to have a day at work, come home and cook, them muster the energy to be social with family. It’s important to acknowledge that we expend quite a bit of energy when it comes to interacting with family. There will be the woe is me folks that have to tell you about everything going wrong on their life…that conversation is draining. There are the elders that wants drop some wisdom on you…and that can be draining when a long story is attached. There is the show off member that has to tell you everything they’re accomplishing; you tend to wonder if they are in need of validation.

We can’t leave out how much you are expected to eat because you’d hate to insult the chef. The isn’t a bad space, and you’re guaranteed to have some laughs, bit it’s very tiring. You’ll find that you expended a lot of energy just to go back to work drained on all fronts. You’ll be at work fighting to stay awake summoning on the coffee and red bull God’s to keep you from passing out on your job. You probably didn’t get a chance to tidy up the house, nor decompress before work started up. Heaven forbid you work a job that’s trying to get everything in before the close of the year.

With all that goes into say Thanksgiving, you could have relaxed and took care of the things you know are a priority. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being with the family for the holidays. The point is to not feel so obligated that you create a mess in your life that no one else has to deal with but you. If you choose to relax at home make sure you can do so without feeling guilty, or that defeats the purpose. I can tell you I’ll be relaxing playing video games and drinking my favorite red wine this coming holiday, and I’ll be catching up with my adopted family and friends for Christmas. November has been a stressful month, and I could use a couple of days to just unwind and renew my energy. If you are in the same boat take care of you.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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