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Why Do You Want Advice.

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( One of the duties of a good friend is to be a listening ear in a time of crisis. Sometimes we get into situations at work, with family, kids, or the significant other that isn’t easy to work through. It’s a blessing to have that person(s) you can call in the clutch that will help you see perspective on a matter. It’s important that the person called is one that truly loves you, and values your privacy. It would also help if they aren’t a “yes” person. You don’t call your sister friends about a matter if you don’t want to hear the truth about said matter. It’s important to understand the person advising has to expend energy, time, and possibly deal with your ire all in an attempt to support and help you. Why do you want advice if it will not be valued?

Everyone must do what’s best for them as they must live with the consequences of decisions made, not those advising. However, it becomes a drain when there is a constant call for advice, especially in repeat matters, but the advice is never taken. There are instances when the sister advising can decide they don’t want to answer because they could feel their time is being wasted. At some point they realize you want a cheerleader, and someone to dump on. This can cause a friendship to become toxic.

The sister advising can easily be seen as someone they no longer care, has rejected you, or is judging you when none of the such is happening. She just realizes she isn’t needed in the capacity you believe. This becomes apparent when fights amongst friends break out because you don’t value the advice, but it’s the right advice. Friends get angry when they realize your situation got worse because you didn’t listen to council, and you won’t admit such.

Before calling your friend and requesting advice decide if you want to vent, or of you want council. Don’t call your tried and true friends if you don’t want them to be completely honest with you. Understand that you will not be right in every situation, and you have to allow honesty to stand in those instances.  The people on your team want to see you winning. They aren’t going to allow you to make yourself look bad if they can help it. They will speak to your issues, and you. This is something that should be appreciated from a friend. It’s not easy knowing that the advice given will hurt your sister friend. It’s not easy watching your sister friend go through trying times. They want you to be happy and you are worth their time.

Time is important because in many cases friends stop what they are doing to listen to a matter, and give advice. That should never be taken for granted. When you call them with the negative energy of a situation, they are now dealing with that energy with you. In many cases you don’t know what kind of challenges they’ve face that day, but they are there for you. Save yourself, and your friend the trouble; If you don’t really want advice let them know or call someone else that will agree with you no matter what.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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