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Helping Those That Have And Continue To Serve Us.

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( Any husband or wife with their spouse in the military will tell you, they have an incredible other half. Someone who is brave, selfless, tough and always thinks of others before themselves. Men and women in the military are perhaps the best examples of our society. It doesn’t matter what their background is or what they look like, their consistent training, protection, dedication and hardship allow us all to live in a safer environment. However with this come a few challenges because they don’t live a normal life. There is no such thing as a 9 to 5 in their line of work, they must answer the call whenever, wherever and however they can. Inevitably, this is going to take a toll on their mental health and their body is going to slow down. Aches and pains may develop so it’s good for you to figure out ways in which you can help them.

Generation to generation

Serving and recently retired soldiers find it difficult to talk about their experiences in the military with those that have not served. Bear in mind that being in the armed forces is unlike any other career or industry. So it’s a little naive of us to think we can have a deep meaningful conversation with our loved ones about things we can only imagine in our minds. So, joining a veteran’s society is a great move. Many different generations get together and give each other guidance. The older generation that may have served in Vietnam, Gulf or Iraq and Afghanistan wars can share their experiences with the current generation. If they have things that are troubling them regarding how they’re treated, perhaps how to cope with stress or just confidence within themselves, talking with those that have seen it and done it all really is a boost to morale.

Help with normal living

When a soldier retires from the armed forces they will be returning to the normal swing of things. Normal life shall resume but they still won’t feel normal. As they grow older their aches and pains will begin to show up from the injuries they received while serving. Governments around the world are trying to get on top of this and support retired vets that do have disabilities. Take a look at to see what kind of things your spouse might be entitled to. Veterans with chronic pain from injuries and wounds they suffered while in the armed forces, receive financial support to help pay for their medical bills. Download the VA forms that apply to your case and use the information to on the website to guide yourself through them. You should also use the video library as they have tutorials on things like mental disability claims, paying medical experts and other such vital information.

It’s important that we realize the military is unlike any other kind of job. The experiences stay with you forever so joining a veteran’s society helps serving men and women to release some of their tension and worries. 

Staff Writer; Barbara Ford

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