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Pain Can Be a Drug.

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(ThySistas.com) The country is focused on ending a major opioid drug epidemic. It has caused lots of death, and destruction. We can understand the reality of pain with we look at the relationship of drugs to addiction. It is important to understand that the addiction is the direct result of a pain unchecked. Before long the addict becomes dependent on the high even if logically, and physically, it causes damage and the high has consequences. They continue on the drug because the withdrawal symptoms are horrendous in many causes. It’s not that it can’t be don’t, but the very idea of the pain of withdrawal can lead to the next fix. If the addict is strong enough to take the step towards freeing themselves from addiction, they do so knowing it’s always a threat. A part of staying clean is avoiding things and people connected to the addiction.

A recovering drug addict never needs to be in a room with drugs, the threat of relapse is far too great. The thing is any addict will tell you they will always be an addict. They just know, with each passing day, how to stay clean from drugs. We understand this when looking at drugs, but one can argue this should be how we view pain. For many people pain is a drug, and though they don’t love pain nor want to be on pain they actively seek it out, or engage in situations that will cause such.

Trauma causes pain and suffering. Too many of us are walking around addicted to this pain. We never take the time to heal from past pain so it compiles, until it’s a powerful addiction. Yes, we want to be happy but if we aren’t careful, we’ll create situations that cause fights. We’ll see a situation as more serious than it is. This happens often in relationships. If you’ve been hurt too many time you want a good relationship, but deep down you don’t believe you can have such. In that head space you enter a relationship armed with all the pain of your past.

You allow no margin for error, but expect grace to abound towards you because you aren’t perfect. A simple misunderstanding can morph into you feeling alone, angry, rejected, dismissed, and worthless before ever speaking to the person you are with.  There is an entire script that is playing in your mind as your body begins to go through anguish caused by your mental upheaval. At this point you are being racked with pain…a pain you don’t want, but will not let go.

If pain is your drug you must take the step to towards freedoms. It will require you to go through a withdrawal that is uncomfortable. You will have to confront yourself, and work towards healing in the areas that have tormented you. You will have to allow people you trust, that will hold you accountable, to help you see yourself in truth, and in the beauty of who you are. Healing will allow you the opportunity to engage with someone without the expectation of pain. This may require new surroundings, a strong spiritual lifestyle, learning to value yourself, and distancing yourself from negative people that dump on and tear you down. This may include some family members, but remember your healing but more important. Pain may be a drug in your life, but you don’t have to accept it nor live addicted to it. Take the step towards freedom, and the happiness you deserve.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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