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Setting Up Tactics To Help You When You’re Overloaded.

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( CEOs are supposed to roll with the punches. No more so than in any other position in business, the CEO has to make sure they are able to cope with immense pressure. It’s just part of the job and when you own a business, no one is going to hold you hand. You’re in charge of literally everything, from the employees, to software choice and implementation to things like what kind of culture you will permit. However we’re not superhuman either, so sometimes you must have outs which you can use. Outs in the way of being helped to do your job even if it’s the basics. You should reach out for help with your head held high even as the CEO because it’s better than falling flat on your face. Becoming overloaded as the business owner is not a good place to be because leadership and the power of your leadership trickles down onto your employees.

A second in command

Just like governments, you need a deputy. The most powerful offices in some countries often have a deputy because if the leader is unable to fulfil the tasks of the day then the deputy can step in to help and work closely with them. That’s why as a business owner you need to hand pick your own second in command. Think about all the qualities that you believe make you a great leader and what you would like to have in another person. Very often you will need to look in your very important departments for someone who is worthy. Someone who is financially minded, able to understand risk and also be legally aware of dangers posed to your business. When you have a right hand man or woman, you can offload some work onto them that you would normally do. This would involve highly important administrative tasks and paying invoices etc.

Not in, leave a message

There’s a very high likelihood that you will have a meeting of some sort this week. It might even be such an important meeting that you will have to hold all incoming calls. But if you can’t afford a receptionist, then who will take the calls for you? Using a telephone answering service such as Ivy Answer Service presents a professional image and takes messages on your behalf. Rather than getting an automated message, your clients and customers contacting you will hear and speak with a human who can take down the details and nature of the call and forward it to you when you’re ready. In any boardroom meeting you have multiple people speaking over each other and incoming calls just adds to the chaos. This is a great way to stop yourself from being overloaded.

When you’re overloaded as a CEO, the rest of your employees feel it too. You’re patience is short, you’re not very friendly and your mind is juggling so many things at once. Using an answering service keeps you from having to do with too many people at once. But having a right hand person to offload some of your workload is also very helpful. 

Staff Writer; Shelia Wall

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