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Return to Your Narrative.

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( It is very hard to find oneself once we feel we are no longer what we once knew. What does it mean to be a daughter or sibling? These things are built into us before we ever endeavor to become career women, wives, or mothers. As we move through life we meet women that become a part of our village; they help add to the woman that is evolving. When we look at the world we engage in the topics, and discussions, of the day. What does it mean to be black in America, and a black woman in America? How do we protect ourselves while remaining authentic? How do we stand with black men to keep back children alive? While engage in this heaviness we try to figure bout the simple things like what’s for dinner. In the throws of all of this it’s easy to lose site of who you are as an individual, and the dreams/goals you want to achieve. If not careful we can become so caught up in so many areas that matter, and don’t, that the woman we are fades.

The titles you hold don’t define who you are. They are parts of you, and parts of great value, but there is a you that belongs only to you. When you remember your ambitions and passions you find that you are better suited to hold your titles. Being a mother is a monumental title that changes a woman’s life forever. Regardless of any other titles you hold this one involves being responsible for the life of a precious little person that is the world to you. Yet, even in this it is very important role you must remember your origin. Remember who you are, and introduce your child to that woman. Your kid deserves the privilege to know the woman not just a mask that says mom. They will be better able to learn about live and living from an authentic you.

Your narrative can become cloudy if you allow too much negativity and weight to pollute you. The drama, petty and shade is for children. You have a life of value, and your time is precious. You become less vibrant when you spend hours out of your day allowing others to dump their problems on you. They leave that heavy energy with you, and now it’s a burden. If too much of that persists you will find that you become more like them.

You begin to complain more, everything is about the latest gossip, and you begin to become a spectator in the lives of others verses living your life. In this space happiness disappears. You’ll know what to say to be a shell of yourself, but you won’t be living what you portray. This leads to betraying self, and living in hypocrisy.

Remember who you are, and return to your narrative. Your path is your own; walk it authentically instead of living a life that is beneath you. Your narrative is your own as you strive to live the life you dream. Allowing everyone else to label, dump on, take from, and define you doesn’t have to be change the direction of your narrative. Stay within the book of You.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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