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Children Alter Your Life.

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( Children are a wonderful gift. They bring a joy that is unspeakable, but with that they alter various aspects of your life. Everything in life has a price, when it comes to parenting many are willing to pay such. However it would help the adjustment process if we had some idea of what to expect. We know sleep is altered, and children have many different needs based on age and health. However, looking at changes in one’s own personal life can help keep the balance. Children are definitely an adventure, and with them out very method of thinking and priorities changes; some of those changes are permanent.

1. In the effort to want or be super mom we tend to be hard oneself. Whereas you may have been very confident in your decision making now you may find yourself second guessing everything. Know that it’s okay, your child has the best mom in you. None of us are perfect, and we have to make an effort to be gentle with self. Celebrate all the goodness, and take the not so good as a learning moment. We are constantly learning their children from the moment they are born throughout their life. Trust your instincts, and the love you have for your children. They love you, and know they are loved.

2. You may not have time for everyone. If you are the person everyone runs to with their problem you might have to put some of that on hold. Parenting a child takes a lot of energy, meditation, and prayer. Sometimes when we are done engaging with our children we don’t have much energy left. When they are babies what they eat and immediate safety is at the forefront on our mind. We’re trying to keep them alive and healthy which will continue throughout their live but change as their needs change. As they get older, they come to us with situations that are teachable moments, and rearing them means more teaching moments. This doesn’t mean you don’t love family, and friends. However, you may find that you don’t have the mental space nor patience to repeat given advice and work through someone’s issues as you did before kids.

3. The world around you seems more dangerous than ever before. When we turn on the news and see the level of hatred and violence it can cause anxiety when we think of our children. Racism and police brutality is bad enough I’m regards to ourselves, but thinking of that in terms of ones children can be frightening. You may find yourself more involved with community activism, school matters, and local/state/national voting issues like never before. You are no longer standing up for yourself you are trying to secure a safe future for your children.

4. Violence towards children causes a deeper level of reflection. Everyone can agree harming children is evil. When we see kids beaten are killed our heart hurts for them, and their family. Now, as a parent, when you see a mother wailing over the loss of her child your soul aches, and you have the urge to clutch your children to you. Her pain is a reality too close to home. You begin to think about ways to help your kid avoid what you are seeing. You know nothing is fail proof but you will do all you can to have your kids come one safely every day.

There are countless ways by which your life changes with children. Maybe you don’t stay up as late at night, or the opposite. You kind that it’s not as easy to take care of self, but it has to get done. Despite the challenges of motherhood you wouldn’t trade your kids for anything. As you reach them you learn from them. They become one of your greatest inspirations and sources of unconditional love. That’s a feeling nothing can prepare you for…it’s simply amazing.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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