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All Forms of Birth Deserve Respect.

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( There are so many areas whereby women need to uplift one another. It is important that we don’t become our biggest critics. Motherhood is a daunting adventure. It is one of the greatest joys many of us will experience, yet it can be one of the most stressful. There is so much we don’t know when we find out we’re pregnant, and even if its not your first child every pregnancy takes you on a different journey. With all the anxiety surrounding motherhood one would think women would stand strong together. However, it seems that even within the ranks o motherhood there is division and several degrees of shade, and shaming, that occurs.

This is terrible because we should all celebrate the motherhood in each other. It is time we understand that all forms of birth, whether vaginal or cesarean section, deserve to be respected. There is no right side in this fall out as there are shaming parties on both sides. It’s a shame that energy is being spent to fight about how the baby got here instead of celebrating a new life, and healthy mother.

Choosing to deliver you baby vaginally doesn’t make you stronger, or more of a mother, than the mother that has to have a C-section. It’s time that foolishness gets laid to rest. Giving birth regardless of how is a very tough task. All of us go into the delivery room praying to have a healthy baby and keep our life and health intact. There are women that go into the delivery room with a birth plan and every intention to have their vaginal delivery, but something goes wrong and they are forced to have a C-section. Remember every C-section is not a choice, and sometimes the choice comes from other situations prior to pregnancy. Furthermore, if a woman chooses a C-section that is her choice, and we should support her verses talking down to her. Right now, many women are arguing that a man has no right to legislate nor dictate what a woman can do with her body. How about we, as women, don’t shame and try to dictate another woman’s choice on how to deliver her baby.

The shade, and shame is not one sided. Having a child vaginally doesn’t mean you have a smooth problem free pregnancy. There are women that deliver vaginally with tears that render them unable to walk or move. Labor can be long, and just as traumatizing for those women as those that have C-sections. Furthermore, every woman that is having a vaginal birth is not standing in judgement of women that are having C-sections. They are not all the enemy so assuming such is terrible. If having a C-section can be a choice so can vaginal delivery. Every woman doesn’t want to have an elected C-section even if she knows she’s having a big baby. The pushing of the subject makes women that choose vaginal delivery feel as though what they want is not heard, and they feel shamed in their choice.

How we have our babies is a fight we really need to stop having amongst ourselves. There are several factors that play into how a woman gives birth, but what’s the same is all birth journeys should be respected. Motherhood is hard enough without women on either side of this argument fighting each other about who’s the strongest, who’s delivery was the hardest, and who is the best mother. We can’t ask men to respect our choices where our body is concerned when we can’t do this for each other.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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