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Cooling Solutions For Your Business’ Hardware.

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( The importance of finding the best cooling solution for your data center at your business, whether you have a few small pieces of hardware or a huge data room, is something that cannot be stressed enough. You need to provide it with the perfect environment so that all of your servers operate to an optimum level. Picking the right cooling system is the main factor in this. If you don’t cool your hardware effectively it will overheat and become damaged. So, what are the best cooling solutions you should consider to ensure this does not happen to you?

Fully Immersive Systems

Fully immersive systems are being embraced by several companies at present. They are ideal for demanding data centers because the entire server is going to be submerged into a liquid that boasts high heat conduction yet does not conduct electricity. As a consequence, this liquid will take away the heat from the piece of IT equipment in question. This is undoubtedly an advanced cooling system yet it is highly effective and is good for those looking to save on energy because there is no need for certain additional features, for instance, fan trays. Companies like Red Key Solutions can advise on whether or not you’re going to need a cooling system like this for your business.

Cold Aisle Containment

Cold aisle containment is undoubtedly one of the most popular methods of cooling being used by data centers. This strategy involves separating the cold air from the hot air. The reason why so many companies are embracing this option is that it is highly energy efficient, highly cost-effective and most importantly it is extremely successful. Another factor worth bearing in mind is that this method of cooling can be used in all data centers regardless of shape and size as structural changes are not required.

Evaporative Cooling Systems

Last but not least, we have evaporative cooling systems. These are widely regarded as the better answer to air conditioning units. Traditionally, many data centers used air conditioners in order to cool their data center, and in fact, a lot of business still do. Nonetheless, the issue with this is the fact they use a lot of energy and are very expensive. If you go down this route you can make monumental carbon savings and the system will soon pay for itself in terms of the amount of money you will have saved.

Cold aisle containment, evaporative cooling systems, and fully immersive systems are effective methods of data center cooling. If you are unsure regarding what one is the best for your data center specifically it is recommended that you talk to a professional and gain their expert opinion.

Staff Writer; Shelia Moore

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