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3 Cheeseboard Recipes That Will Have Your Next Party or Business Meeting a Success.

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( Are you hosting a small gathering at your house for a few friends?  Or are you hosting a party that you have been trying to figure out a “light refreshment” to serve and pair with that night bottle of wine?  Here are 3 cheeseboard recipes that you can mix and match from or add your own twist to them:

Cheeseboard #1 Recipe:

– Grapes (red or green)

– Raspberries

– Blackberries

– Pre-sliced cheeses of your choice

– Olives (black or green)

– Sliced deli meat

– Crackers


Cheeseboard #2 Recipe:

– Strawberries

– Celery

– Almonds

– Cauliflower

– Block of cheese cut into cubes (ex. sharp cheddar)

– Salami or pepperoni slices

– French bread sliced

– A small bowl of olive oil with your favorite seasonings for a “dip”


Cheeseboard #3 Recipe:

-Sliced apples (green or red)



-Ranch dressing (place in a small bowl)



– 1 to 3 Cubed cheeses of your choice (add a spicy cheese for your spicy lovers)

– French bread or crackers

Again, these cheeseboards can be whatever you make them to be.  I have had so much fun creating different cheeseboards for my small gatherings, small business meetings at a wine lounge or just for myself as I relax at home watching a good movie on the weekends.  You will definitely get full snacking on cheeseboard but leave room in your belly for the full entrée later.

All of these cheese boards can be paired with your favorite red or white wines.  You can google which cheeses pair perfectly with your particular bottle of wine that you prefer.  The great thing is you can create any of these cheeseboards for under about $20.  Make sure if you add anything like peanuts or almonds that your guests aren’t allergic to it.  You want to make it a night to remember not a night spent in the emergency room.

Don’t forget to get creative as you want.  There are no rules in creating cheeseboards.  If you really want to impress your potential business partner or client, find out what they like to snack on or their favorite fruits or veggies and add it to the cheeseboard.  French bread is usually used or any thin layered crackers at your local grocery store.  Cheeseboards are the adult Lunchables, is how I look at it, so enjoy these simple cheeseboard recipes at your next party or meeting!!!!

Staff Writer; Felicia T. Simpson

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