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Can You Receive Goodness.

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( Pain is a force that can suck the joy and happiness out of your life. Its as thought you are living in a prison and depending on the circumstances that prison is not of your own making.  Many women have lived with various forms of abuse that have scared their emotions, mind, heart, and life overall. Some have found the strength to speak out about the varying areas of pain they endure, but many are still wondering if speaking would matter at all.

Regardless of what has caused the down spiral of pain many of us seek a life that is full of hope, joy, happiness, and deep rooted goodness. Though that seems like a daydream it is still desired. If one is not careful pain tends to give birth to some of our deepest fears. Within those fears varying kinds of anxieties are born. In these spaces the positive aspects of life seem unattainable and false. Fear has a way of not only telling us we don’t deserve goodness, but that it simply doesn’t exist.

The beauty of life is that it is ever changing. No day is the same regardless of the similarities we see. Its often hard to see the newness of the day because we carry the weight of the previous day into the new one hence allowing said weight to extend pass the day it shows itself. Fear wants us to believe this is just the way things are and we have no choice in the matter. Some people are destined for happiness, and some of us are destined for suffering. This is an easier concept to grasp when you have resigned yourself to believe the picture of life fear has painted. The truth is you have a choice every single day you wake up. That truth will not always align with how you are feeling, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is true. If we want something different in our lives, we must find the strength to do something different despite the fear of the pain we have received from the past.

This will be uncomfortable if you have been betrayed by different people or feel you have rejected on numerous occasions. If we can’t find a way to push forward, we risk hurting people that come to us as a sign there is people that want to pour positivity into this life. If not careful the betrayal and false accusation of one’s character will happen at our hands to someone that is as innocent as we were.

Can I accept goodness, and kindness? This is a question you must ask yourself if you are tired of perpetual pain and fear.  It may seem trivial, but it is very important. if you can’t accept someone speaking joy, hope, happiness, love and goodness into your life you won’t be able to get to those things no matter how much you desire them. Being able to accept goodness begins with knowing it is something you deserve to have every single day. It begins with understanding that you do have a choice in how you will manage your happiness. Sometimes one is not able to do this alone, and that is okay. when you decide to take your life back, and your emotional peace, it may be time to talk to a therapist, counselor, or someone whose advice you trust.

You don’t deserve to live in pain, and you don’t have the right to inflict it upon others. you deserve goodness, and there are people in this world that would pour it into for no other reason than they care. Allow yourself to take a step forward in gaining control over your happiness. You to love and pour that same goodness into yourself. Allow someone to help you get there through healing and growth. You are more than worth it, and in doing this you are adding positivity to the world. Though making positive changes in your life you are” becoming the change you need to see in this world.”

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

May also connect with this sister via Twitter; ChelleStJames.

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