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Don’t Give Up on You.

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( Life is full of challenges. Some can be permanently life altering, while others are a matter of perseverance. Either way it is very hard to feel your dreams are being sidelined when it seems like everyone one around you is moving forward with the things you want in life. In this space you verbally congratulate those you love and know while asking the deep internal question what is wrong with me. This is harder to bare when you are a loving and giving person. When you look over your life and can see the loyalty and support you give others, and you can see the terrible hands you have been dealt. Depression and anxiety can creep into one’s life in this space. Everyone sees your smile, but no one is around when you ball up in bed with your pillow to cry oceans worth of hot, painful tears. It is far to often in this space that we surrender our dreams. Maybe this isn’t for me. Maybe I’m not suppose to have the degree, the marriage, the children, the business. Dreams are drowned in those tears, and in that moment self has been destroyed.

Who we are  is, in part, wrapped up in our dreams and goals. Granted the particulars of them can change as we evolve, but often the core of what we want…and why does not. Against all odds we must continue to hold on to our dreams. Build a raft in those tears and set your heart and dreams afloat to keep you alive in the truest sense of who you are. It is time we remember life is a marathon kind of race that you run against yourself. You can’t focus on any lane but your own.

This might seem difficult when those closest to you seem to have left you behind. However, that can’t be the case if you aren’t measuring yourself by the life of others. Truth is, you don’t know what another person has done to get what they have. The saying is true: “all that glitters isn’t gold.” Everyone that marries is not in love, every parent isn’t thrilled to have kids, and every degree isn’t obtain with integrity, and every business wasn’t obtained properly. Furthermore, when your day comes you will want those in your life to genuinely be happy for you…this can’t happen if they are coveting what you have in their heart. So don’t do this to them in, and don’t sow that negative energy into the universe. Give what you will one day expect.

If you’ve made mistakes along the way in your life that has caused you pain…healing is needed. Understand that you can bounce back from bad choices, and understand getting back on track might take time. Forgive yourself as no one is perfect, embrace healing, and by all means love YOU. Know that you deserve happiness, and every dream that you are willing to protect.

In fighting for your dreams the person you are not giving up on is you. It might take you longer to graduate, but when you get there it will be worth the fight. You might be the last in your family to marry, but the joy and love you feel on your wedding day will eclipse every moment before. You might question if you’ll ever be a parent, but holding your child be it birth, surrogate, or adoption will be joy unspeakable. You could have been told starting a business isn’t for you, but the day you launch that baby there will be a sense of accomplishment you can’t put into words. You deserve each and every one of those moments…every dream that’s in your heart. Those in your life that are growing celebrate them, as even that is sowing goodness into you. As you rejoice for others you are laying the groundwork to rejoice in your dreams manifesting.

Don’t give up…don’t drown in an abyss of sorrow. You have a life to live, and no one can live it for you so get up. It’s not to late to continue working towards the dreams in your heart. As you believe in you, the creator is making a way. Speak life into yourself, and others will follow suit. No matter what you experience, or see…don’t give up on you.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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