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Pregnant at 37 Pt 4.

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( The last time I checked in with you I was 17 weeks pregnant, finally coming into a sense of peace after a very rocky start, and I was mentally preparing myself to see the fetal maternal specialist due to having been labeled high risk. It is amazing to see all the changes that have taken place within the last nine weeks. I was always told that every pregnancy would be different. This is true not only in a physical sense, but you will be in a different space also. If you are going from having one child only to now being pregnant with the second one of the primary differences is you are caring for a child while carrying a child. That change can have a serious impact on your energy levels, and your patience.

There was a level of patience I did not need to possess when it was just me pregnant that I now have because I have a 5yr old this time around. Over these past weeks I have encountered physical states that are new to me, and I find that I have allowed myself to accent outside weight that can make the pregnancy harder than necessary. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant; as I get ready to embark upon the last trimester, I am learning more about myself, strength, keeping the right energy, and the necessity of enforcing boundaries.

Prior to this pregnancy I have never experienced a respiratory infection of any kind. I’ve always done a pretty good job of eating well, taking vitamins, and paying attention to the weather…even when it acts bipolar. I spent the Christmas and New Year holiday sick; it wasn’t to the point that I couldn’t function, but it seemed like my “little cold” wouldn’t go away. When talking to my doctor she heard my wheezing and knew immediately that I was dealing with a respiratory infection while also telling me that I had a urinary tract infection. I admit I was shocked and begin to ask myself if it was the pregnancy, or something I could have done to prevent the illness. I was concerned about taking two antibiotics at one time, however I had to take a look at my energy levels and where I was placing my emotional time. I realized this is not discussed much when talking about pregnancy, but it is very important.

The body is already functioning on a weaker immune system so allowing vast amounts of negativity and taking on too much emotionally could had a hand in illness. These days I’m learning there is strength in knowing your limitations. Its okay to turn the phone off, say I don’t have the mental space for said situation, or remove yourself from individuals that overlook the fact that you are pregnant for their own needs. None of those who have unrealistic expectations have to live with the effect the negativity will have on your body, nor is it their child or life in jeopardy. There is strength in taking control of what you will allow. That is my space these days.

If you remember the first trimester saw me rocked completely by the “high risk” label, and the concern of high blood pressure after one diagnosis. I admit I heart horror stories about the maternal specialist I was scheduled to meet. For the sake of my nerves I decided I would see my self as high blessed instead of risk, pay attention to my diet and nerves, and have an open mind about the maternal specialist. No, this wasn’t easy but that was the choice I made. The appointment was amazing! The doctor was kind, funny, and thorough in his explanation of why I was having to see him. He, and his staff, really eased my concern quickly.

The appointment wasn’t invasive, nor did I feel pressured to undergo the genetic testing I did not want. I actually look forward to my visits because of love the atmosphere of the office, and I get to see my baby every time I go. Having such a positive visit strengthened my trust in my obstetrician. Furthermore, my blood pressure has been progressively going down. At my last visit is was an amazing 128/81! I can see the fruit of hard work and taking better care of myself in all aspects.

Now, you know I will be completely honest with you. So, as I’m approaching the 3rd trimester I find that I am battling for energy, and sleep at the same time as the baby is very active. Round ligament pains tend to make walking uncomfortable if I have been sitting too long, and I’m fighting to be mindful of water intake as leg cramping is real…and extremely painful. When the body says go to the bathroom its best to go immediately. It might take longer to get there, and I really don’t want to have any accidents.

In this space I am looking to watch my carbs and continue to keep sodium in check to keep blood pressure good, and avoid gestational diabetes. There is much to do as I have to think about maternity leave and prepare the house for the baby’s arrival. Though I have a few months left…May 16th feels closer that I can express. However, I am excited and happy.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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