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2 Pots Of Unclaimed Money You Could Be Owed.

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(ThySistas.comHow does claiming money that doesn’t cost you a lot of time sound to you? You may already be financially stable, even well off, but if you know the value of money, you know that more can go a long way in improving your life. Such as paying off unexpected expenses, putting money towards a holiday or even a new car.

There’s no loss in claiming that which you’re entitled to. Which is why if you’re interested in topping up your earnings there could be two pots of money just sitting there right now, waiting for you to claim it.

Legal Claims

If you or a family member have been wronged in any way by a business, individual or even lousy roadworks causing you to slip and fall, you are more than likely owed money if the incident wasn’t your fault. If you have an attorney in mind to source advice from you should contact them for advice. If not you can research the type of attorney in the state you require online try Googling personal injury law firm and the name of the state you live in for the best results.

Attorneys in cases of personal injury will operate on a no win no fee basis, meaning you don’t have to fork out any money for them to fight your corner. If an attorney takes on your case on a no win no reward basis, you can feel confident that the attorney believes it is worth an investment of his time, as you are likely to receive compensation. When you’ve chosen an attorney, be clear what segment of the reward the attorney is expected to dock for his own expenses. Usually, this can be an amount of up to one-third of the compensation.

Shop around to find an attorney who can provide the help and support you need for the claim you are attempting to make. Whether it’s maltreatment at work, a wrongful death in the family or a car accident caused by another individual, there is an attorney that can put your case forward for you.

The stress alone from these situations can give you enough cause to bury your head in the sand, hope it will pass, convince yourself you don’t need help, and that it would be a waste of time to bother even attempting to contact an attorney. But it’s important to have courage in these scenarios to gain the financial reward you are entitled to for circumstances of loss which derived from the event. Whether this is for a loss of earnings, reduced mobility or trauma.

Federal Tax Refunds

There could be a substantial refund made to you in the form of a tax refund. The IRS has millions of dollars of tax refund checks which have been undelivered or unclaimed. To check whether you may be owed a lump sum of tax, contact your states Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Sometimes the waiting times on the phone can be long so you may wish to use the automated phone system instead. Have your details to hand, such as your social security number and any forms of ID. This will allow the IRS to find any tax which is owed to you.

It’s worth filing a tax refund to see if you could be owed any amount of the millions of dollars that has currently been unclaimed.

If you choose to claim back money that’s owed to you, be particularly wary of scammers posing as the government online.

Staff Writer; Paula Moore

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