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3 Small Steps to Making Shifting to a More Beautiful Life Experience.

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( Imagine this, your are walking along, minding your own energy, living your best life and enjoying the sunshine. Your skin is glowing and edges are in tact. Your career is on point and your co-workers or employees are all flourishing in their own rights. Your home is clean and clear from clutter and negativity and your neighbors are kind and thoughtful. You are feeling, looking, doing, and being amazing. Then all of a sudden, IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER!

This is absolutely the way that life goes if you allow it to do so. All that it takes is one positive thought that turns into another and another then BOOM, you are living your life like it’s golden. Far too many of us let negative thoughts creep up and steal our joy. We have to remember that thoughts become things. If we remember that, we will be more aware of the thought that we allow to hold real-estate in our minds. Once you get into the habit of eliminating unhealthy thoughts it becomes easy. You will find that your conversations will change. Things that you were interested in before will no longer concern you. You will see that people who you once  had close relationships with will start to distance themselves. And guess what. It is OK.

I know by now that a negative voice may have already tried to whisper in your ear. “Easier said than done” it says. “I’ll think better thoughts when I know better things to think about” another one says. The fact of the matter is that those statements are the complete opposite of the  truth. It is just as easy to do as it is to say and you can change your thoughts and then see your situations begin to change.

Here are 3 Small Steps to Making Shifting to a More Beautiful Life Experience.

1.  Choose better feeling statements.

Have you ever paid attention to the way a your own words make you feel? A lot of times we focus on the fact that someone else “hurt our feeling” or “made us mad” or even “made us happy. Actually you have that very same power over yourself. Why not choose to make yourself feel good as much as possible? When you choose to say “Girl I’m broke and don’t  even have a dime in my pocket” it doesn’t feel half as good as saying “Girl my pockets always have room for more coinage”. It just feels better and guess what more coins will start to find its way into your pockets. Feel free to talk in paper currency and commas if you’d like.

2. Find something to be grateful for each day.

Sometimes it’s difficult to stop and just simply be grateful. But trust me on this one, once you start to be show gratitude for the small things bigger things are brought to your attention. Soon you have more things to be grateful for than to complain about until one day you can’t find a complaint no matter how hard you try. Start with being grateful for the ability to blink then breathe then smile then laugh. Even if you start the day with the goal of being grateful for one small thing you’ll get the gratitude ball rolling.

3. Breathe.

Yup. That is it. Just stop and breathe. Yeah we do it with our thinking all day and all night but if you take a few seconds to stop and actually take a deep breath, things start to happen within your body. It’s kind of like when you’ve been thirsty for a while and you take in a cool gulp of water. You feel that water touch the tip of every part of your insides. The cells in your body get thirsty for a thoughtful breath. It’s a like simple and free massage for them. You deserve it. They deserve it. Most importantly you will feel so much better.

While these are just tiny steps to take, they quickly become little changes that eventually become life changing. In the grand scheme of things, even if you consider yourself to already be pretty happy, these steps can enhance the quality of your life. Try them and watch how grateful you become for freshly massaged cells and pockets overflowing with coinage.

Staff Writer; LaMisha M. Readus

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