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Is The Cost Of Motoring Driving You Round The Bend?

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(ThySistas.comCars are a useful invention, but despite their practicality (and street cred), there is one common truth. They are darn expensive. From fuel to insurance, the expense can be high, and you may regret purchasing a car in the first place. Still, there are ways to reduce the costs of driving, and as a consequence reduce your stress level every time you look at your dwindling bank account. Consider the following as examples.

  • Don’t use your car so often. There will be times when using your car is a necessity, but let’s be honest, how many times do you use your vehicle when you don’t need to? Especially when travelling short distances, using your two legs could be the better option. By doing so, you will reduce your carbon footprint, reduce your motoring expenses, and give yourself a health boost by actually exercising for a change!

  • Compare prices. A little bit of research will serve you well. Comparing fuel prices is a start, so check the service stations near you for cheaper prices Then consider your car insurance. By using, you can probably find a better deal than what you are receiving now. Something to think about once renewal day rolls around. Then there’s car maintenance. If your car needs repairs or is due a service, ask for garage recommendations from your friends and family, as they may know a place that gives better value for money than the place you usually go to.

  • Reduce car insurance further. As well as comparing insurance providers, there are other ways you can bring down your insurance premium. Keeping your car in a garage or on the driveway is safer than keeping it on the road, and your insurance will drop as a consequence. Taking out a blackbox policy will also reduce costs, as your insurer will be able to monitor your driving (and how safe you are) through the telemetric device they install in your car. And by installing other technologies into your car, such as car alarms, tracking devices, and driver-assist systems, you will reduce the risk of a theft or an accident, and bring down your insurance premium as well.

  • Invest in a sat-nav. Ensuring you don’t get lost, and by helping you to find the shortest distance when planning your routes, sat-navs are extremely beneficial to those of us keen on making savings on fuel. And let’s face it, that’s probably all of us!

  • Drive safely. Of course, it’s a no-brainer to suggest you should drive safely. You are less likely to get in an accident, and you are preserving the safety of yourself and other road users. But if you needed further incentive, know that you are also saving money as a result. By not getting points on your license and reducing the need to claim on your insurance, you are reducing the cost on your insurance premiums. Safe driving also burns less fuel, so always keep to the speed limit and don’t drive erratically to make savings. And safe driving does less damage to your car, through an accident or wear and tear on your tyres and engine, so you are going to be spending less trips visiting your local garage for maintenance. In all cases, money will be saved. Result!

Is the cost of motoring driving you round the bend? Follow our advice, and you will start to make savings. Let us know if you have any tips of your own as well. Thanks for reading, and happy (cheaper) driving!

Staff Writer; Sherry Ford

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