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Why Do Women Compete with Each Other?

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( You’ve ever been down a grocery store aisle looking for a product or produce, but there’s more than one option for you to choose from?  That’s exactly how women look competing with each other over anything!  The infamous example online is the meme with the photo of a lot of different brands that sell bread.  Sure, they’re all packaged differently, give or take some ingredients and vary in shades of color, but at the end of the day, the consumer is purchasing, a loaf of bread.

Most women have multiple streams of income which requires them to have a hustle on the side and that hustle (product or services), sometimes makes women feel like they need to compete with the next woman who offers those exact same products or services.  Again, use the analogy of the aisle with bread in it above to understand that there’s no reason for women to compete with each other.  We are all beautifully and wonderfully made and no matter what we do in our careers, relationships, etc., there’s no reason for us to compete with each other.

We have to work on our insecurities first as individuals and then as women collectively.  You have can two women who are beautiful and intelligent in the same space and one of them will begin to feel less than the other.  Some women say that it’s because of the demands that men place on women because there can only be “one prize” in a crowded room.  Other women feel as if women compete with each other out of intimidation, cultural issues/conditioning, their title stricken and just envious of the other woman.

As a woman, your light doesn’t have to dim because of someone else’s light is shining.  We can all come to the table and feast upon what makes us all, great women naturally.  Social media and mainstream media has done their parts in being platforms that entices women to compete with each other.  A successful woman who shares pictures of her successful life, career, family, cars etc., will ignite self-hate in another woman and she will begin to do things to compete with the other woman.

While discussing this topic on Instagram, a follower mentioned in the comments: “I don’t think all women are competing out of sinister intent if you will.  I think there is often a lack of communication, which easily leads to misunderstandings.  I think the majority of us (women) actually admire one another and just never really learned how to express that (lack of communication) and maybe we’ve had unpleasant feedback when we did express it.  In general, I think the majority of us are rooting for one another.” – @nesha923

Historically, some women’s upbringings have forced them to feel the need to compete with other women.  Women share stories of how their mothers, mothers taught them how to compete with other women to secure their basic survival needs.  We learn how to dominate our social status at an early age that goes with us in adulthood.   We go from competing with each to have a seat every day at the popular table, in the school lunchroom, to excessively gossiping and throwing shade at another woman, to keep her from rising to the top of the same success ladder that we are on.

There’s enough room at the table for every woman!  If you have insecurities, seek professional help or utilize self-help practices that will enhance your self-esteem.  Women are unique, talented, strong and educated individually, what you bring to the table will always be different than another woman because there’s only one you and there’s no need to compete with each other.

Staff Writer; Felicia T. Simpson

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